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today’s training. Last heavy training of 2018. (got some light highbars tomorrow.)

Single @ 180kg - rpe 7
Single @ 190kg - rpe 7,5
Single @ 200kg - rpe 8,5-9
Finally a 200kg squat in the books, just before 2019 to. I’ve bin wanting this number for WAY to long, and now its here. I’m ready for more. When im fully peaked, etc there might be 205-210 in there. Which i predicted idd hit early june 2018, but february 2019 is good to! :smiley:

followed by:
155kg x5
157,5kg x5
160kg x5

97,5kg x 5
100kg x 4
105kg x 1
107,5kg x 1
110kg x 1 - rpe 8
left it here, wasnt a hard rep by any means, but didnt wanna push bench to the max today.

Pretty tired at this point, but i kinda wanted to round of this heavy training with a 500kg gym total, which would make me very HAPPY.

180kg - moved ok,
190kg moved ok to. Called it there.

2019 is gonna be good.


Awesome lifting mate
Well done


Good job!


Noice. Why do you squat more than DL u SHW


thanks dude. You’re doing awesome to i saw!

Thanks duke!

Im a SHW in disguise.


for the people interested:

My lifts from yesterday.


While I am here I thinking of either SBD or Titan comp suit for my meet next year. I dunno if you’re familiar with Titan but I’d like to get your thoughts on the SBD suit.

My mate told me to get something with wide shoulder straps so it doesn’t dig in. I’d also like something that covers as much of my leg as possible. Anything else I should be thinking about like sizing?


Eh, can’t speak for the titans, but what i hear they are very good.

The sbd’s are hella comfy, i could see myself just wearing it at home while doing schoolwork for example. Size wise i think SBD has a guide on the site, i use a l for singlets.
I have not had any problems with the shoulder straps.

Why though? Dont ya wanna show of those quads??
the fabric is quite stretchy, i think if you want to you could have a limited size between knee sleeve/singlet.


Think the rules say covering no more than half way down your thigh. My thighs tend to get ripped into by my thumb nail if not covered plus I like the slippery feel of the bar going over material (never used baby powder)

I’m leaning towards the regular colour SBD suit. My meet after the next I think I’ll go an IPF affiliate one so I will slowly complete the collection SBD from head to toe (not my belt or shirt though lol). Then ill be able to compete to a more comparable standard with you


Guess that makes sense. Dont want the junk hanging out, sbd’s are according to guidelines though, so doubt they can say much about them.

How you liking the pioneer cut belt? If i wanna splooge some money on a stupid buy it will be a pioneer belt i think.
I could also just buy a pair of wraps, and benefit, maybe ill do a yolo max out with wraps after the meet :stuck_out_tongue:


Does the job as described I guess. Right fit every time. Better than my mates Inzer. If you already have a belt that does the job bit of a waste of money I think




reverse band squat

100kg x 5
102,5kg x4
105kg x3
107,5kg x 1
107,5kg x 2

162kg x5
165kg x5
167kg x4
172,5kg x 2
172,5kg x 2

Hanging leg raises


ssb squat
125 4x8

dumbell bench
4x12 25kg

split squat with a 25kg kettlebell 4x8
barbell rows 4x12

wide grip deads 4x8 125k


180kg x 5
182,5kg x 3
185kg x 2

4x10 with 40kg to do some work on form, because my right arm wasnt feeling to good.
Decided to rest it/did a ton of stretching/rolling it out.

Deficit deadlift 3x5


Hey squat god brah - High Bar vs SSB?


I think wat @chris_ottawa said in your log sums it up pretty good.
If you wanna focus on the quads, idd say highbar though… But why not both?


Today’s workout:
Little bit frustrated with a new years resolutions guy taking the powerbar to do 60kg deadlift, while doing supersets across the entire gym… Decided to wait for him to be finished with it, which didnt take to long.

Paused comp squats
150kg x 5
152,5kg x4
155kg x 4
157,5kg x 3
160kg x 5

Competition benchpress
100kg x 5
102,5kg x4
105kg x 3
107,5kg x 2
107,5kg x 2

romanian deadlifts
3x8 110kg

Supersetted the bench with pull ups 4x8, really strict. Wanna get the back stronger.
Hanging leg raises and some rows to finish it all off.

Got a big session at the end of the week!


I don’t think practicing too many different movement patterns is a good thing in most cases, you would probably be better off trying to get as good as you can at one (other than the comp. lift) at a time. Otherwise you are likely to not see much progress in either and you won’t get much carryover.


4x8 127,5kg

Split squats (with kettlebell)
4x8 20kg

Dumbell bench
4x8 25kg

Behind the neck pull downs 4x8
rows 4x8 (starting to feel myself getting stronger in these. Which is great!)

Wide grip deadlifts 4x5 120kg slow decent on these.
Bicep curls 3x8
some planks


Eh. Its cake day, guess i’ve bin on t-nation for 2 years now! wow.