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Wanna Be Powerlifter



highbar belted squat 4x6
Way to light. Belted squats again, and damn. Its feeling good.
Form was feeling amazing and efficient.

Bench 4x6
1 rep more than friday, feeling about as hard. Pretty amazing!

Deficit deadlift 4x5

hanging leg raises
bicep curls


SSB squats
4x6 127,5kg

single leg romanians
leg ext
leg curls
leg press
snatch grip deads 4x8 110kg

planks 4x45 secs
ab wheel rollouts


comp squats - belt again.
1x5 145kg
1x5 147,5kg
1x5 150kg

Banded squats to get some heavier weight on the back again
1x3 155kg
1x3 157,5kg
feeling stupid easy, guess thats the point though?

widened my stance a bit, to where it was pre last comp. Apparently i closed it in a lot.
Feeeels heeps better. Easier depth, way cleaner look etc.

4x10 90kg
Failed the last rep of the last set just before lockout, Fucking sucked haha. Luckily i bench in a squat rack, otherwise it couldve bin bad.

4x5 150kg
belt makes it feel a little easier, but i can see after all this beltless training why people pull beltless.

hanging leg raises
some face pulls


yesterdays workout
ssb squat 4x6 120kg (beltless)
Single leg romanian deads 4x12
Leg curls 4x12
leg ext. 4x12
leg press 4x12
snatch grip deads 4x12
4x15 planks
bicep curls


Such volume much muscle. You must be stretching out that SBD clothing by now brah


split squats 4x12
dumbell bench 4x12
ohp 4x5
reverse fly’s
latpull downs 4x12
bicep curls
tricep pushdowns
ab wheel rollouts



Highbar squat 4x8
137,5kg for the first 3 sets,
140kg for the last. Stoked with this.

4x10 90k’s

deficit deadlifts 4x5

hanging leg raises
bicep curls


lowbar squat
1x5 147,5kg
1x5 150kg
1x5 152,5kg

Reverse banded lowbar squat
1x3 160kg
1x3 165kg

3x8 92,5kg

4x5 152,5kg

Every lift feeling super good. The wider squat stance id feeling really good, and squats are feeling 100% Bench is also feeling super good, still.

Lat pull down 4x12
bicep curls 4x12
hanging leg raises 4x10
some leg pump thingy , think its called sissy squat just 3 sets for 20 reps inbetween hanging leg raises.


ssb squat 4x6 (semi paused)

single leg romanian deads 4x10
leg curls
leg ext.
leg press
all 4x12

snatch grip deads 4x6 120kgs
ab wheel rollouts