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Wanna Be Powerlifter



highbar squats
4x8 125kg
feeling fine. Highbar feels hella good recently.

87,5kg 4x7
I can feel a huge benchpr coming some time soon

4x5 147,5kg
Moving pretty good, form looking like a snack

hanging leg raises
bicep curls
some rows


Paused ssb squats
5x6 122kg

single leg romanian deadlifts 5x8
leg ext 4x12
leg curls 4x12
leg press 4x12
snatch grip deads 4x8 95kg
planks 4x45 secs
ab wheel rollouts 4x12


split squat 5x12
dumbell benchpress 4x8
overheadpress 4x5 50kg
lat pull downs
reverse fly’s
bicep/tricep curls
hanging leg raises


Lowbar squats paused
2x6 140kg
1x6 142,5kg
1x6 145kg
Moving so good i decided to move up. Pauses where 100% on point today, gotta keep that in. Positioning, everything felt on point today! Really excited to get these down finally.

Comp Benchpress
4x6 85kg
Mistake, last week was 82,5kg. Moving way to easy. Bench is getting up there again, still keeping good care of the elbow though. Which hasnt bin bothering me any recently!

deficit deadlift
3x5 137,5kg
1x5 140kg
140kg moving so easy beltless deficits is a goood sign.

bicep curls
tricep ext.
ab wheel rollouts


Yesterday’s training:

Highbar 4x8
I really like highbar.

4x7 90kg
First time moving 90kg for this many reps for sets in a long time. Think 5+months. Bench really is finally moving up, gonna get a video up for ya’ll soon. I’m really happy with form.

4x5 150kg
Moving good. Forms on point

Im in general just really happy with this offseason/prep so far. Weights i was moving last prep around this time out im doing beltless with better form, and moving quicker. Guess next meet is gonna be dope.


ssb squats 4x5 paused 122,5kg
single leg romanian dumbell deadlifts 4x8

Leg curls 4x12
leg ext 4x12
leg press 4x12
snatch grip deads 4x8 100kg
ab wheel rollouts


Today’s workout
Paused squat
4x5 145kg

100kg x amrap 9 reps

Really happy with this. all time rep pr for 100kg, bench is finally moving up after a long period of not doing so. Still making sure i dont re-injure the elbow. Tiger balm/elbow sleeves during the winter.

Deadlift deficit
4x5 140kg

bicep curls
hanging leg raises


Road to 140 for you too


I hope so. I wanna get 120 first though
You seen the black on black sbd gear coming out? my bankaccount is ready to get hurt…


No actually I thought there were just a couple of teaser pics around. I dunno if black is a good colour for me though makes me look slim on the upper body. Since I’m competing in wraps for my first comp I won’t be buying sexy sleeves just yet

Iron Rebel shirts are my fave right now recommend it if you can get cheap shipping.


Pause squat beltless
4x5 147,5kg
Tried out a pair of medium sized sbd sleeves today, i like them allot more than my L sized ones.

comp bench
4x6 95kg

deadlift beltless
4x5 152,5kg
feeling gud

some rows
some curls
hanging leg raises
all 4x15

spotted two guys going for bench pr’s. Pretty fun!


How big is the difference?


Eh, it gives a little bit more pop. Nothing to crazy like adding a ton of kg’s. Maybe if i where to try a s or even xs.
The tighter fit did give me a pretty huge quad pump though, so thats worth it :0


How to get big=SBD knee sleeves


That blood flow restriction training lol


If i where to get a pair of wraps, which would you recommend? I see thor is using the SBD one’s. Idd just be getting them for the occasional fun wrapped squat (black friday coming up so.)


I thought Thor was using the Lilliebridges but to be fair it’s hard to identify the red on black wraps because plenty of big brands use that design as well as knock offs

Chris Ottawa recommended some “moderate” wraps to get used to them and then a high level wrap once I’m used to them and for comp.

I got the Inzer Grippers but got sent the Iron Zs incorrectly. About the same apparently. Lots of other from other brands too. Can’t go wrong with a big name


ssb squat 4x6 125kg (last set 130kg)
single leg romanian deads 4x12
leg ext 4x12
leg curls 4x12
leg press 4x12
snatch grip deads 4x8 105kg
planks 4x45 secs
ab wheel rollouts 4x12


Split squats 4x8 w/ 25kg kettlebell
dumbell bench 4x8 30kg
ohp 4x5 50kg
reverse fly’s
lat pull downs
bicep curls
tricep pushdowns


highbar squat 4x8

4x5 100kg

deficit deadlift
4x5 142,5kg