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Wanna Be Powerlifter



No you kick volume’s butt


Todays workout:
Everything beltless for now until i mention otherwise.

6x6 Paused Low bar Squats

Bench Wide grip 2 second pauses
6x5 75kg
Wide grip is feeling much better, then my usual grip… No elbow pain, and feels more stable/sturdy. Also working on getting that cheater arch to go along with it. Doing a ton of mobility work for it atm.

Deadlift Deficit
6x8 120kg
IN theory very light and easy, but this kicked my ass. Fuck! Last set was grinding for it to be done… Gonna reap some gains of this

Rows 6x8
z-press 6x8


Highbar 4x12 105kg
Wide grip benchpress 4x12 75kg
deadlifts 4x8 125kg
pull ups 4x8
rows 4x8
hanging leg raises
more rows


SSB Squats
4x10 117,5kg
4x8 40kg

Romanian deadlifts
4x10 112,5kg

facepulls 4x10
tricep pushdowns 4x10
barbell curls 4x10


Split squats
4x8 50kg

Close grip bench
4x8 80kg
tried setting up without feet on the bench, could actually get a pretty decent arch going. So if the new ipf rules pass i’m set.

Overhead press 4x12 30kg

Dumbell fly’s
reverse fly’s
Pull ups 4x8
hanging leg raises
bicep curls
tricep pushdowns
the rest 4x12


6x6 paused squats

6x6 competiton bench

6x6 deficit deadlift

ab wheel rollouts
face pulls


Damn lots of volume here.


getting thiccc


highbar squats 4x10

Wide grip bench with big arch
4x8 80kg

4x6 135kg

hanging leg raises