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Wanna Be Powerlifter



Works wonders tbh. I personally love the 2nd workout of my week, even though its light…


Last real workout of this prep. Went amazing

1x1 192,5kg Rpe 9. If i had spotters i could have done 1 more rep for sure. Maybe even 2 if pushed hard enough lol. Promising for the meet…
4x2 170kg @ rpe joke

4x4 95kg
moving really nice, no problems Elbow feeling pretty ok.
I guess im just gonna see how it feels on the day for deciding attempts/openers. If it feels good i think theres gonna be a PR. If bad probably just minimum to get a decent total. Well see!

Talked to coach, and since my deadlift is a mental thing for me decided to let her decide the 2nd/3rd attempts for competition and not tell me so i’m just pulling weight that ill know later.
Tried that out today by having someone load the bar for me on my last warm up.
1x1 180kg @ rpe why didnt i try more?

This moved so easy… Really promising for the upcoming meet. I think i might be getting a decent deadlift lol
4x3 160kg

Rows 4x12
Facepulls 4x12


second to last training before the big day saturday. I’m feeling amazing still, bodyweight is on point (80,7 kg this morning, 81,7kg when i hit the gym just now…) :smiley:

All warmup stuff before ofc,
squat: 160kg x1
not even gonna rate this as an rpe, it didnt feel heavy, it didnt look heavy. Looked like the start of a set of 10 maybe lol

95kg x 1
Moving solid. Maybe bench will come together this saturday to…

150kg x 1
Easy. I’m really happy with the deadlift these past 3 months, dumb excited to see what i’ll pull this saturday


yesterday’s training.

Squat 110kg x5, 120kg x 4,130kg x3
Bench 60kg x 5, 70kg x4 ,80kg x3
Romanian deadlifts 80kg 3x6

Feeling really well. Mostly really excited for tomorrow. Imma crush it.
Will post later tomorrow night with results!


Here’s a big Good luck tomorrow :slight_smile:
Go crush them weights


^^ good luck.




Meet went aight, went 7/9 with a PR total.

1st attempt: 185kg
Moved like nothing. Coach and me decided to up the weight to 192,5kg.

2nd attempt
Missed. Idk what happened, according to coach i went down way slower than usual and lost my tightness. I guess i misgrooved…

3rd attempt:
Retook 192,5kg but lost a bit of self confidence, and missed it 3/4th through…

1st attempt
100kg, moved so easy even judges where like wow that was light for him. So thats good…

2nd attempt:
107,5kg (3rd attempt 3 months back.) Flew up to.

3rd attempt:
110kg. Grinder but got it up! Matching my all-time best gym PR, and finally getting back on track with tittie press.

1st attempt
Moving really easy, liked i mentioned earlier coach wasnt gonna tell me 2nd/3rd attempts, so i didnt know what i was pulling till after the attempt.

2nd attempt
187,5kg All time PR. Moved pretty good.

3rd attempt
Real grinder, everyone was cheering me on though so i couldnt drop it, and finished it.

487,5kg total

So, i didnt hit my goal of 200kg squat, but iknow i can squat more than 185kg (and 192,5kg)
so im not to fussed over it. I’ve got 9 long months of offseason/training coming up till the next competition, in which im intending on adding allot of KG to this total, and my general lifts.

ill try and get video’s up of highest succesfull attempts asap


thanks for goodluck wishes guys.


Awesome! 200kg squat incoming for sure. How heavy are you?


Nice your coach likes those 7.5kg jumps a lot


i weighed in at 80,2kg. Compete in the -83kg class


Yeah haha… I’ve had my share of competing for this year. Next time i compete i wanna improve a whole fuck ton more…


We’ll see how we match up next year. What kind of things are planned for the off season to come? How about bodyweight wise? 90kg?


Coach and me had a little talk after the meet about this, but the general idea is to do allot of volume for now. Get bigger/stronger, aka the usual offseason stuff. (probably bulk up some to.)
meet i wanna do is sometime around next june, so i’ve got loads of time to improve my lifts.

I think max weight ill gain is 85/86kg. above that becomes to big of a hassle to cut down to -83kgs. Maybe once i’m not a junior anymore i’ll go up to the -93kgs, but thats still 4 years…


first real workout back

160kg x 8
140kg x 7
100kg x 7
Pretty proud of 160kg x 8, when conditioning is up again in some time i wanna do more of these amrap type stuff. This week is just random training.

Overhead press
3x5 40kg just some light ohp to have the elbow work.

Dumbell rows 3x20


170kg x 5 squat
Moving easy, had 2 more reps in me. But put a cap of 5 on it… Really enjoying this week of programming and just kind off doing what i want. Obviously not maxing out. But also excited to start programming next week…

Wide grip benchpress
First time benching with a wide grip in 9+ months
Felt pretty good, went up to a single of 100kg. Moved as easy as my opener last saturday so idk. Might have to do some wide grip benching here and there, was also bothering the elbow less.

Some pull ups


First week really back on program again! Super excited Coach let shimmer through we’ll be doing heavy doubles in december to kinda “see where your at” So got something to look forward to! But first real volume starts…

Squats highbar Beltless
4x12 100kg

4x10 75kg
Playing around with grip width a little bit, since i noticed when i grip wider my elbow doesnt bother me nearly as much as with my usual grip!

Deficit deadlift
4x8 110kg

Bench/squat supersetted with rows and pull ups 4x8 both.

hanging leg raises 4x15


Can already feel the volume is gonna kick my ass. but it’s gonna be worth it, i’m gonna get stronger/bigger by doing it. :slight_smile:

Warmup stuff:
overhead squat
reverse fly’s
Some stuff i saw owen hubbard do in a youtube video.

Actual work stuff:

Front squats
3x8 80kg

A long time no see front squats. Love/hate them already lol

Dumbell bench
3x12 20kg

Pendlay rows 3x8 70kg

wide grip deadlifts 3x8 100kg

facepulls/bicep curls 3x15


SSB squats Beltless
3x10 115kg

3x6 45kg

Romanian deadlifts
3x10 110kg

Single arm dumbell rows 5x12