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Wanna Be Powerlifter



Works wonders tbh. I personally love the 2nd workout of my week, even though its light…


Last real workout of this prep. Went amazing

1x1 192,5kg Rpe 9. If i had spotters i could have done 1 more rep for sure. Maybe even 2 if pushed hard enough lol. Promising for the meet…
4x2 170kg @ rpe joke

4x4 95kg
moving really nice, no problems Elbow feeling pretty ok.
I guess im just gonna see how it feels on the day for deciding attempts/openers. If it feels good i think theres gonna be a PR. If bad probably just minimum to get a decent total. Well see!

Talked to coach, and since my deadlift is a mental thing for me decided to let her decide the 2nd/3rd attempts for competition and not tell me so i’m just pulling weight that ill know later.
Tried that out today by having someone load the bar for me on my last warm up.
1x1 180kg @ rpe why didnt i try more?

This moved so easy… Really promising for the upcoming meet. I think i might be getting a decent deadlift lol
4x3 160kg

Rows 4x12
Facepulls 4x12