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Wanna Be Powerlifter



Split squats
4x6 55kg
Feeling those quads work is amazing. I measured them some times back at 26inch around, im pretty sure theyve gotten bigger, so i guess its time to pull out the tape measure soon. Maybe a sneaky progress pic? :slight_smile:

single leg romanian deads
4x12 25kg dumbell

Leg exstensions 4x12

leg curls 4x12

Leg press 4x12

Snatch grip deadlifts 4x12

planks 4x45 seconds

ab wheel rollouts 4x12


Safety Squat bar
4x5 140kg

Romanian Deadlifts
4x8 110kg

Close grip benchpress
4x5 90kg

4x5 45kg

Reverse fly’s
lat pull downs
bicep curls
tricep extensions
hanging leg raises
4x12 each


Please explain


Good work. Should come together on the platform.

When is meet? How long is peak? Taking steps to improve recovery?


Same as you with 2 plates, as soon as its anything above 100kg for me i start thinking about it to much even though ive bin there before kinda deal?


Nah I’m over it now for a few weeks lol. Hit 120kg a couple hours ago too


Meet is 22nd/23rd of september, Its the SBD cup (ipf approved ofc)
We’re doing a small taper, which will be roughly 4 weeks, but i guess the entire prep his bin 3 months since last competition.
Not doing anything extra yet, just the usual some stretching, foam rolling…


Ow shit, Guess its all the work you’ve bin doing at 100kg. Might have to think about going with a same approach in the future… I havent touched 100kg+ since my competition maybe that doing me in. I also blame the lower bodyweight though


And volume too. And high frequency.


Nice training today

1x1 180kg rpe 7.5ish
Really happy with this.

4x4 165kg
dont feel like i need to say it, but moved good.

Benchpress Paused
5x4 95kg
Pretty ok, no grinders just getting it done. Bench is eh

4x5 155kg Same as 2 weeks ago due to the form work of last week with coach. Moving way better though,

Rows 4x8
Face pulls 4x8
chin ups 4x8
ab wheel rollouts 4x12
Tricep pushdowns 4x12


Due to school starting again coach has decided to add supersets into my programming and basically make my live a living hell.

Highbar squats
2x6 142,5kg
2x5 145kg
I keep suprising myself with how well squats are going, form is looking sexy af and the weight is moving nice and easy. YES.
Superset w/
pendlay rows 4x8

2 second pause benchpress
4x3 97,5kg
Moving pretty damn good. Bench is doing its thing, moving up slightly. I like it
superset w/ straight arm pulldowns

Deficit deadlifts
4x3 150kg
Moving way to easy, feeling like i could have done set of 5+ Keeping to the program though.
Super set w/ Hanging leg raises 4x15

Incline dumbell presses to finish it up.

Stuff is moving quick, Body isnt feeling fatigued, I’ve got a good feeling about this prep.
I’ve started doing some more streching/rolling to stay on top of recovery.
Bodyweight is also ON point. No need to do a cut this time around, which i like…

Its coming together.


Sounds like you’re having a blast.
awesome workouts man


Split squats
4x8 55kg

Leg exstensions 4x12
leg curls 4x12
leg press 4x12

Snatch grip deads 4x6 100kg
abwheel rollout 4x10
planks 4x45 secs


Hell yeah i am!


Safety Bar Squat
4x5 142,5kg
I LOVE SSB squats. The way they force you forwards having to really fight the bar, is awesome. Ever since i started doing these, i’ve noticed my regular squats have started to have less hips shooting up which is Great.

Superset w/ lat pull downs 4x12

Romanian deadlifts
4x8 115kg

Super set w/ overhead press 4x5 47,5kg

Dumbell presses 4x8 20kg
No more close grip bench till competition due to me noticing the elbow again, no pain just it saying “Yo, i’m still here bitch” So decided to remove it for now.

Superset with: Reverse fly’s

bicep/tricep 4x15

Hanging leg raises 4x15
And some barbell rolling over my quads/thighs. works wonder


190kg x 1 @rpe 8ish?
Form stayed tight through out, Not super speedy but fuck yeah.
4x3 167,5kg

4x4 95kg
Called it after set 2, elbow was bothering me a little to much. This came out of nowhere and kinda bummed me out, Gonna bring back my former prehab ritual for my elbow which should be good.

Moving pretty great, not extremely quick but idd say rpe 8. Which makes me happy

4x4 157,5kg

and ab wheel rollouts

Now at home, gonna roll out my bicep/tricep/forearm
Also quads/hips etc. But gonna try and be sure the elbow doesnt worsen again


highbar squats 4x4

4x2 100kg 2 second pauses
Elbow still annoying me. Not pain though,

Deficit deadlift
3x 152,5kg
3x 155kg
3x 157,5kg
3x 160kg

Fuck deadlift is moving good. I’m really happy with the fact its moving so good, I think its doing a moving thing.

Pendlay rows
face pulls
inclinde dumbell presses 4x8 30kg (dont feel any discomfort doing these with my elbow…)
Hanging leg raises


split squats
4x8 55kg

Single leg romanian deadlifts 4x8

leg curls
leg extensions
both 4x15
leg press 4x15
snatch grip deads 4x6 100kg
Planks 4x45 seconds
ab wheel rollouts.


Safety squat bar squat
4x5 145kg

Romanian deadlifts
4x8 115kg

Overheadpress 4x5 45kg

lat pull downs 4x8
Reverse fly’s 4x12
bicep curls 4x12
tricep pushdowns 4x12
hanging leg raises 4x12


That’s a lot of accessory work I should probably do more myself