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Wanna Be Powerlifter



highbar squats
4x8 130kg

2 sec pause bench
4x6 87,5kg

deficit deadlifts
4x5 142,5kg

Pendlay rows
Dumbell incline press
hanging leg raises


tuesday’s training:

Split squats 4x6 45kg

One legged romanian deadlift with DB 4x8
leg exstensions
leg curls
leg press
snatch grip deadlifts
planks 45 seconds
ab wheel rollouts

all done 4x8


Went to a Bad Religion concert monday evening, was super awesome. Moshpits, and good music, Was a huge blast.
The rest of tuesday after training was spend on a birthday of my grandmother, swimming with my little nephew/niece.


Today’s training:

Safety Bar Squats
4x5 127,5kg
weight is still easy, im getting better at this!

Romanian deadlifts
4x8 95kg

Close grip benchpress
4x7 85kg

Overheadpress 4x5 45kg
Rear delt fly’s
lat pull downs
bi’s and tri’s
hanging leg raises


today’s training:

4x5 157,5kg

Moving pretty easy. Squats are just clicking more and more.

4x5 92,5kg
Moving EHHH Not to good to be honest. Just not the day for bench, last set was a real grindy set…

4x5 152,5kg
Deadlifts is doing the moving up thingy. I’m excited to see what im gonna be doing at the meet…

Rows 4x8
face pulls 4x8
tricep pushdowns
ab wheel rollouts
and some chin ups


Wassup I see your lifts are moving up. I wish I could say the same. My bench and deadlift are moving not so much squat.

100x5 last night for a rep PR was a pleasant surprise for me and a rep or two in the tank too. I’ve always been intimidated by two plates and subconsciously held back but now I try to hit it every work out for reps or long as pauses to get past the mental barrier.


Trainings bin going great… Im not gonna jinx myself and start talking to much about numbers, but its going great.

some solid bench progress btw… Im jealous


And I’m jelly of your squat lol

Maybe we should start like a little Curl competition. I keep skipping it but maybe to beat your ass I’d be more consistent. I’m pretty weak at them though


When’s the next meet mate?


22/23 september


today;s training:

Higbar squats
4x8 132,5kg

4x5 2 second paused 90kg

deficit deadlifts
4x5 145kg
Mediocre, was having some trouble with these today.

Incline dumbell press
pendlay rows
hanging leg raises


Split squats
4x6 50kg
Still dislike this, but im getting pretty ok at them.

Single leg romanian deads 4x8
Leg curls 4x12
leg exstensions 4x12
leg press 4x12
Leg press is becoming one of my favourites for quad size/strength. I can really mimic my squat, and go for higher reps without tiring out so much.
The exstensions are still #1 though imo.
Snatch grip deadlifts 4x8 85kg
planks 4x45 seconds
ab wheel rollouts


That’ll never change. If it does there’s someying seriously wrong with you.


safety bar squats
4x5 132,5kg
I love this variation, And i notice its helping my normal squat a ton!

Romanian deadlifts
4x6 100kg

Close grip benchpress
4x5 87,5kg
Was in a nice groove for this. Moving easy, form was on point to. Feels good

4x5 45kg
Same story as the cgbp, feeling nice. Different story from last week for sure

Rear delt fly’s
lat pull downs (v grip)
hanging leg raises


Wow, last training of the week, best training of the week!

1x1 170kg
4x5 160kg

The 170kg moved super easy, was really happy with this,
the 160kg 4x5 was also super easy. Looked back at the footage and the reps where very nice and no form breakdown what so ever. Very good to see such weight moving this way.

45 92,5kg
missed the last rep of the last set due to cramping in my lowerback, and i decided to rack it rather than pushing it. Still the first 3sets where moving ok. Bench is always either really good, or really MEH.

4x5 155kg
Moving aight. Deadlift keeps moving pretty nice, if i can keep this theme with deadlifts, i might actually start liking them lol.

rows 4x8
facepulls 4x8
chin ups 4x8
ab wheel rollouts. 4x8


spend the weekend in berlin, saw a lot of really cool stuff. Went to a big ww2 bunker with a show “hitler, how could it happen?” Extremely in depth analysis about hitlers rise to power, and how he turned out to be. Really interesting stuff. Also visited “The Story Of Berlin” Which was just a museum on the history of Berlin through 800-ish years. Also photographed a bunch, some pictures turned out AMAZING.

Did a lot of walking, and got up freaking early each day.
So pretty tired today, which somewhat affected my training, but dont mather to much.

Highbar squats
4x8 135kg
Moving ok, nothing to great/bad

4x5 92,5kg
EH, I felt this to most, not feeling good at all. Decided to cut the 3rd set, and went a little harder on the incline dumbells.

Defecit deads:
4x5 145kg
Redemption, moving great. Saw some great tips by jack the deadlift ripper in jujimufu’s video, applied those and deadlifts felt a bunch better.

Incline dumbell press
pendlay rows
hanging leg raises
all done 4x15

Training with my coach and some other people this saturday, gonna be going to a gym with competition grade equipment, gonna be really fun!


split squats
4x6 52,5kg

SIngle leg romanian deadlifts
4x10 24kg

leg exstensions 4x12
leg curls 4x12
leg press 4x12
snatch grip deadlifts 4x12
planks 4x 45 seconds
ab wheel rollouts 4x12


Safety bar squats
4x5 135kg

Romanian deadlifts
4x5 100kg Really focussing on thrusting as hard as possible. squeezing those glutes.

Close grip benchpress
4x6 87,5kg

4x6 45kg

Reverse fly’s
lat pull downs
hanging leg raises


pretty amazing training today, training with coach but also training with competition grade equipment. It just adds a little extra to your training tbh.

185kg 1x1 Pretty easy, was today’s primer. If i had to judge based on rpe i’dd say 8.
180kg x2
180kg x3
180kg x2

105kg 2x1
My bodyweight going slightly down is probably the cause of my bench being slightly weaker than it used to be.

160kg x 1
We did a bunch of working on technique after this, 4x5 150kg


Last week of vacation before school starts for me. Also feeling a bit under the weather, so after training i ate dinner and went to bed slept till 11;30…

So peak/taper for the next competition has officially started. Im feeling amazing (besides being slightly under the weather) No annoying pains, etc.

Yesterdays training:
Highbar 4x6/8
One set of 140kg x6
3 sets of 135kg x8

Squats are going someplace.

Bench was feeling pretty good today, which suprised me.
4x4 2 second paused on chest 95kg.

Bench is still not where it was last year this time, the elbow tendonitis i had earlier this year really fucked my bench over… Really hoping i can finally set some sort of all time pr at this next competition. Coach also seems to think its a little bit in my head, which could very well be the case, but well see.

Deadlifts: (deficit)
4x4 147,5kg
Feeling crisp and clean. deadlift is doing that thing where its actually making progress. :slight_smile: