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Wanna Be Powerlifter



It does. I get why its necessary, but i don’t really enjoy it.
I do notice the split squats have a good effect on my squat so thats great.


lowbar squats 4x6

Comp bench 4x6

Comp deadlift 4x6

Barbell rows
tricep pushdowns
chin ups
ab rollout


Today’s training:

Higbar betlless squat
4x12 112,5kg
Still easy weight wise. Just cardio wise thats the hard part.
Felt better than last week though!

2 second paused bench
4x8 80kg
Nothing to interesting. Just got it done. Bench is feeling good now that i’ve got my form down with the comp height bench.

Incline dumbell presses
4x8 22,5kg

Deficit deadlifts
4x5 132,5kg

So, i havent talked about it in my log because i wanted to see how it went first.
I’ve bin doing some sumo deadlift practising after all my regulair work. Just really light, around a 100kg. I think i’ve got my form down pretty well, and i’m considering seriously switching to sumo deadlift for my upcoming meet prep. I havent noticed any negative effects towards my squat either (which was my main concern before. because it used to do this.)

4x8 pendlay wors
and hanging leg raises



if i wanna spend 1k i might aswel get a full combo rack


but those go for a couple of thousand tho


I know that feel man. I’m gonna be moving into a Hypertrophy phase soon so I was trying out 120kg x 10 today. Thought it’d be ok but ended up gassed and painful lower back pump.

Are you in a Hypertrophy phase right now?


Isnt ER equipment only like 900?
Not that im considering it… If i had the space for it maybe one day…


sort off. I think maybe 2 or so more weeks till it ends. Not entirely sure though


Today;s training:

split squats 4x8 35kg
one leg romanian deads with dumbell 4x8
leg exstensions 4x8
leg curls 4x8
snatch grip deadlifts 4x8
planks 4x45 seconds
ab wheel rollout 4x12


I got my diploma today, which means i’m done with school! On to the next study.


Congratz :slight_smile:

Does that mean a new school is awaiting?


Yep. I just finished graphic design, and im gonna do photography with a touch of videography now. :smiley:

And thanks!


I was feeling hella sick today, only had a couple hours of sleep (not partying just bad sleep, yes im that boring.) And i talked with my coach about it and we decided to just cut one set away from each exercise.

Safety squat bat squat beltless:
3x8 112,5kg

Close grip bench:
77,5kg 3x8

3x10 35kg

laterall raises 3x12
Rear delt fly’s 3x12
tricep pushdowns 3x12
Lat pull downs 3x12
bicep curls 3x10
hanging leg raises 3x15

Gonna go to bed early tonight, and have a rest day tomorrow.


Today’s training: ]

Beltless lowbar squat:
4x6 142,5kg
All moved decent, last rep of last set was an RPE Hubbard though.
Really liking the beltless stuff. It’s already made me stronger.

4x6 82,5kg
Liking bench atm, as in the way it feels. Not heavy, not easy. Right where i want it. I think all the extra bench accessoire stuff is gonna pay off.

Deadlift: (with belt because warmups felt off.)
4x5 142,5kg

Decided to throw on the belt because warmups felt off. Good decision in the end since it moved way better like this
Decided to do the last set with sumo, which was a good choice.
Should’ve video’d it, but hey. Gonna get a video next week for ya’ll to criticize

Rows 4x8
Facepulls 4x8
chin ups 4x8ish
ab rollouts 4x8


Prepare to be roasted/flamed


Highbar beltless squats
4x10 117,5kg

2less reps and 5more kg is a decent trade off. Was easier than the 4x12’s.
The beltless stuff is still going on, and its helping, i notice bracing has gotten better which is always good. I need to find a way to fix my hips shooting back out of the hole when doing squats… It doesnt always happen, but when it does it throws me off so much. @khangles @MarkKO any tips on this? I’ve bin doing loads of extra quad work recently like you suggested.

Benchpress 2 second paused
4x8 82,5kg
Felt ok, hit the rack a couple of times which threw me off a bit, but wasnt hard or anything.

Deficit deadlifts
4x5 135kg
@khangles you’re gonna have to wait till friday to flame/roast me :smiley:

Incline dumbell press
pendlay rows
renegade rows
hanging leg raises
all done 4x10


Keep getting dem quads bigger. Can’t be too big unless you’re jezza uepa and can’t deadlift propah because your quads knock the bar a foot away from you.

Practice perfect tekkers with every rep. Cue to resist tendency for hips to shoot up or cue hips forward preemptively to counter that tendency e.g. think “hips” as you descend into the hole. Pause Squats. Bigger quads


What @khangles said. Also consider dropping the weight you use. It should never get to the point that your technique is compromised.


Split squats
4x8 40kg

Single leg romanian deadlifts
4x8 15kg

Leg exstensions
4x12 70kg

leg curls
4x12 25kg (single leg)

leg press
4x15 40kg

superset off
walking lunges with safety squat bar (no extra weight) Cuz i want them biggerer quads!!!
snatch grip deadlift 4x10 70kg

45second planks 4x
ab rollouts 4x12


Today’s training:

Safety Bar Squat (beltless)
4x8 115kg
Felt ok, not much to say besides that i love the SSB!

Sumo deadlift
was supposed to be 4x6, but ended up being 1x6, and decided against continuing.
As has bin the theme with me and sumo my hips start hurting, which was again the same today. I’dd much rather save my hips for squats then wreck them with sumo’s.
I dont know why my hips start hurting when doing sumo, my mobility is good enough…
Maybe im just not build for it. Will post the video of the 1x6 soon.

close grip benchpress
4x8 80kg

4x12 35kg

Laterall raises 4x12
rear delt fly’s 4x12
laterall pulldowns 4x12
bicep curls
tricep pushdowns
hanging leg raises