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Wanna Be Powerlifter



@mortdk Thanks dude! Most of the thinking was done by my amazing coach. She knows how to play the game.
@duketheslaya Thanks duke!
@noahripstein I’m sure 200kg will be there next meet, Maybe more if the upcoming 3 months go to plan! We’ll see.
@guineapig It was a bunch of fun, 200kg will be there next time 100%. Im gonna get around to posting the video’s tomorrow. If you cant wait find me on instagram, same name as here without the second G. I’ve got my 3rd attempts there.


Enjoy watching


Right on man, congrats! You can’t ask for much more than that.


first training post meet;
This week i can kinda do what i want, some “fun stuff” next week i’m back on programming.

Sleeveless/beltless highbar skwots
1x8 110kg

Slingshot benchpress All paused

safetybar squats (with sleeves, no squat shoes or belt)
70kg x5
80kg x5
100kg x5

Leg exstensions superset w/bicep curl


Couple offseason goals:
180kg x 10 squat
100kg x 10 bench (no slingshot this time)
xxxkg x 10 deadlift (weight has yet to be decided.)
70kg x 5 overheadpress (10 if possible.)
Doing sets of 5 with weighted chin up/pull up .


This is a good goal


Beltless squat
170kg x 1

Normal squat
170kg x1

highbar beltless squat
3x8 110kg
Starting to work on higher rep stuff again. Gonna be fun to actually increase this slowly.

Sumo deadlifts
3x6 100kg
Just feeling the way sumo feels out.
I sort of like it, but i think idd use it more as a supplemental lift rather than my main comp lift.

overhead press
3x10 40kg, and 50kg on the last set.
I think increasing my overhead will help a fuck ton with increasing my bench overtime.
Can’t wait to actually get this up to some decent weight. :slight_smile:

Chin ups
last set was 6, but i added a chain of 10kg.
So i guess i kinda hit my goal of doing weighted chin ups? Yeah!
I always see brian alsruhe and other people talk about how important pull ups/chin ups are for back strength, so im gonna be doing them daily. :smiley:


By daily do you mean every training day or every single day?


every training day probably. Or idd have to instal a pull up bar at home which is a option


today;s training
continuing the theme of this week, i did highbar betlless squats today.
2x3 off 140kg squat.

I like highbar, I still need to improve my form a bit. But i think squatting highbar for the upcoming time will help me get that 200kg squat come meet day in september. Also will improve quad size which is never a bad thing. :slight_smile:

Beltless deadlift
2x5 140kg

Dumbell benchpress
3x10 20kg

chin ups 3x10

Btw, Meet i signed up for in september is gigantic. 234 total lifters, 32 in the -83kg weightclass as of now. Thats gonna be so much fun! :smiley:


And the new programming is here. A ton of volume, which will be good to improve muscle size, etc.

Squat highbar beltless
4x12 110kg
I was actually struggling a little bit with this, Not weight wise, but conditioning wise. Gonna have to improve that allot the upcoming weeks

Bench competition style, 2 second paused
4x6 80kg
I’m still trying to find the best bench in the gym since the proper height once are actual shit,
So im either just gonna use the to high one, and put some plates under my feet.
Or look for a decent priced competition spec bench.

incline dumbell bench
4x8 22,5kg

Deficit deadlifts
4x5 130kg

Pendlay rows

renegade rows

hanging leg raises


Don’t worry too much about bench quality. There are plenty of little hacks that can make life easier and you’ll generally adjust fine to comp benches anyway. You’re bang on with blocks for the height, are there other issues? For slippage, you can put a band lengthwise down the bench.


Bit late but congrats on the performance at comp.

Is > $1K decent priced?


Just seen this. Great effort man! Well done.


Split squats
4x8 50kg lol


Single leg romanian deadlift 4x10
Leg exstensions 4x10
leg curls 4x10
leg press 4x10

Snatch grip Deadlift
60kg Just getting the feel for this again.

Planks 4x45 seconds
ab rollout 4x8

Really easy but boring day. But got me sweating good. :smiley:
Its boring stuff, but i guess its gotta be done


Some really great work in here. Subbed!


Why ?


I dont like these type of lifts, i prefer the closer variations of squat/bench/dead
or the actual 3 themselves. Its important to do it though i think


todays training

Safety bar squats beltless:
110kg 4x8
These are so much different than normal squats! Wow!
Staying upright “difficult”. Iirc this will help with my deadlift, which is great.
It’s also a fun variation which i don’t mind. So: it’s a great carryover to squats and deadlifts, and its fun. bang for the bucks.

Close grip benchpress
4x8 75kg
Haven’t done these in a long time, good to have them back. I think the additional tricep work and different way of hitting the arm etc will be very great for the bench! (my bench needs a lot of work to.)

Over head press
4x8 35kg
I wanted to do 40, but wasnt feeling it today.
Decided for quality reps. I think my shoulder strength needs to go up allot to also help my bench.
I’ll see how this helps the bench.

Shoulder raises
Rear delt fly’s
lat pull downs
tricep pushdowns
bicep curls
all done 4x10

Hanging leg raises 4x15


If it makes you feel better, Greg has us doing a lot of bodybuilding. It’s probably around 60-75 per cent of everything we do. Lots of single leg work, even more dumbbell rows and tons of goblet squats. I’ve never been bigger or stronger.