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Wanna Be Powerlifter



The most important thing is what you are gonna wear to the meet


Yep. Next week on saturday.

You’ll see video’s. I’ll win the fashion points, thats for sure.


testing openers done. I’m now truly realising how shit my deadlift actually is.
After this meet im gonna spend some damn time fixing that shit!

opener on squat
opener on bench
opener on deadlift
165-170 lol.

So yeah its pretty clear my squat is way ahead of my deadlift at this point.
Very excited! 4days out from meet


Maybe your just super good at squatting lol, but then again maybe your just shit at deadlifts


Best of luck man! Looking forward to your meet recap and reading how you went 9/9 and crushed it.


Lets call it this for my ego yes?

Going 9/9 is the main goal! I have to catch up with your log! Didnt you compete recently?


I’d be more concerned about your bench…


Good luck!


Hey Joe

Remember all the stuff you need come gameday, so you don’t have to worry about some stupid little thing you forgot.

@MarkKO has a very good checklist, with what to remember and what to do. It’s on @littlesleeper log about a week before his meet. (To lazy to try and find it)
And if I forget

Good luck mate, Hope you’ll crush some big weights.


Yes I did, my first competition. I went 7/9 with my two missed lifts both on my bench. Pressing to the command really threw me out of my typical bench tempo and I wasn’t able to get anywhere close to my gym max. I learned a ton, had a great time, and hit a lifetime squat and deadlift PR!

Good advice. I’d rather overpack and not use it than be stressed out that you forgot something. I brought my own chalk and water (even though both were provided). The only thing I forgot was a damn fork for eating my lunch! So I had to scoop beef and rice into my mouth using a coffee cup…


Why do you say that? I do agree my bench needs work, but the last couple of training weeks/months its bin going pretty good. I’m probably on track to be benching a pr come saturday. ( i just need to get stronger in general, so everything needs work. But my deadlift seems to me, to be my biggest weakness.)


Thanks duke!

Thats the goal.

Also, i saw the list @MarkKO supplied, and i have noted it down IRL. So i’ll be sure to check that when packing!


I saw the video, and red the log. Great stuff! Really inspiring. Awesome 3rd pull!


Because it’s the lift that’s actually lagging. Take it from me, bringing bench up takes way more effort than squat or deadlift. Invest your energy accordingly.


Allright. Will note it for after meet training!


Had a pretty awesome meet! Went 9/9 with a over 100kg pr total.
I didnt hit my desired 200kg squat, but it was just not there today. Let’s recap:

squat 1: 175kg (decided to lower it to be 100% sure there wasnt any doubt in getting it.) 3 white lights.
Squat 2: 185kg Went way to deep, was way to hard. If this was easier, maybe 195kg/200kg would’ve bin there.
But we decided to go for:
Squat 3: 190kg. Going 9/9 was my #1 goal, the 200kg squat will be done next time. 3 white lights.

I had a little bit of an issue with getting used to the comp benches since they where lower then my gym bench by 5cm. So decided to lower first attempt by 5kg.

Bench 1: 95kg, smoked it.
Bench 2: 102,5kg, Still really easy.
Bench 3: 107,5kg
Maybe just very maybe i could’ve done 110kg, but thats hindsight.

Deadlift 1: 170kg,Smoked it
Deadlift 2: 175kg (decided to go all out on 3rd.) Smoked it
Deadlift 3: 182,5kg. Life time PR, and still a really clean pull. Probably had 185kg in me.

I know what i need to work, and what i need to improve. I will be competing in 3ish months again, (biggest competition of the netherlands. which is just awesome.)
And then im taking a big long offseason, to come and crush this meet again but then next year!
I’ll be uploading video’s soon


Congratulation Joe
Love to read about those meets and the thoughts about wich weight to choose.
9/9 Good stuff.


Hell yeah man! you did awesome


Nice job going 9/9! Good luck on your next meet, you’ll smash that 200kg squat!


Sounds like it was good fun. Too bad 200kg wasn’t there. Next time. Looking forward to the vids