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Wanna Be Powerlifter



What the actual fuck is that? Concussed?


Kind of something like this. We use it to carry carpets more easily. It didnt hurt to much initially, i just got kinda dizzy and a little headache. Deadlifts just didn’t agree haha


Yeesh. Lucky you didn’t get fucked up.


very lucky, Head is feeling ok now after a good nights sleep.


Today’s workout:
highbar, 3x6 110kg
very easy. Not really anything to mention

Feet up bench
3x6 70kg
Bench felt ok today, elbow didnt hurt anymore.

Romanian deadlifts 3x8 100kg
Pull ups 3x8
bicep/triceps 3x12
4x60 second planks


front squats:
3x5 100kg beltless

4x4 90kg 2 Seconds pause
Pretty easy. :slight_smile:

Dumbell incline bench
Single leg deadlifts
dumbell rows


Paused Squat
3x4 155KG

Paused Deadlift
3x5 135kg

Dumbell bench
dumbell fly’s
seated rows
lat pull downs


I just found out i successfully finished my exams. Which means i graduated! :smiley:


There’s a win right there. Congratulations!


Thanks mark!


I had an amazing workout.

187,5kg x 2
190kg x 1
Was allowed to go up to 195kg, if the 190kg felt easy enough. Decided against it due to it being an rpe 9 ish. Which makes sense after the 187,5kg x 2.
The 187,5kg was good depth, and fairly quick. Idd judge them as around rpe 8

Squats with reverse bands:
195kg 3x2
very easy.

92,5kg x 5
95kg x 4
100kg x 3
102,5kg x 2

This was easy. Bench is just still feeling fucking good. I hope this theme of great benching keeps going until the 3rd attempt of bench in the meet!

170kg x 1 RPE below 8. This was easy, easiest 170kg i’ve ever done.
157,5kg 3x3 All very easy deadlifts, Deadlifts felt great. :slight_smile:

Some light rows and hanging leg raises after this amazing workout.

I’m now 3 weeks out. Competing on 23rd of june


A bit late to the party,

Congratulation Mate :slight_smile:


highbar squats 3x5

Feet up bench
3x5 70kg

Romanian deadlifts 3x6 105kg
Pull ups 3x8
lat pulldowns 3x8
biceps/triceps 3x8
planks 4x60 seconds.


Bin bussy binge watching a anime and then finishing the manga because it was so good so didnt log any stuff lel.

Pause squat
155kg 3x3

Pause deadlift
140kg 3x3

Dumbell benchpress
seated rows
incline fly’s
some kind of row idk the name.
all 3x15


Had a fairly mediocre workout today.
Kind of tired throughout the day, and had bad sleep.

190kg x 1.
Was supposed to be a double. but only got 1.
First one was fairly easy, second one i just lost some steam midway through.

Reverse band squats
197,5kg 2x2
200kg x 1 <This was really easy. It didnt feel to heavy out of the rack, which is nice.
I think we’re testing openers next week on tuesday! So excited to see where my opener for squat will be!

95kgx4 100kgx3 105kgx1
Bench was fucking terrible. No pain or anything
It just felt heavy. Not gonna spend to much time on it

175kg x 1
This was really easy. I like the way deadlifts feel right now.
160kg 3x3.

some facepulls
and hanging legg raises.
2ish weeks out


Higbar squats
110kg 3x5
Felt like a breeze.

Feet up bench
70kg 3x5

Romanian deadlifts 3x6 105kg
pull ups 3x8 <getting better at them !
biceps/triceps stuff
planks 4x60 seconds


Front squats
105kg 3x3
Front squats where feeling meh. I really wanna improve these after the meet.

2 Second paused bench
100kg 3x2
Felt ok.

Incline dumbell bench
one leg deads
dumbell rows


Last heavy training pre meet! Getting really excited guys!

3x2 paused 157,5kg
These felt fucking great! depth is on point, and form looks great.
1x5 120kg paused

3x3 145kg
Felt good to! good stuff !

Dumbell benchpress
incline fly’s
seated rows
latpull downs

Gonna be testing openers on tuesday, Further idk what im doing training wise rest of the week.


Awesome!! Good luck in the meet!


Good luck with the meet … next weekend?