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Wanna Be Powerlifter



Unless you’re going to compete in them don’t bother.




they seem fun


So? Who cares? If you want to compete in wraps you need to learn them. If you’re going to compete in sleeves they’re a waste of time.


Makes sense. Ill just keep away from them then!


GREAT succes!

180kg x3 <PR
185kg x1 <I mean technically its an alltime PR. but it’s not really my true max. But i’ll take it.

Reverse Band Squats
3x3 185kg
Suprised how easy reverse band squats are…

4x5 85kg

4x5 150kg

Facepulls/hanging leg raises to finish this thing off.
All around great workout




will post them after i eat


Video of the 180kg x 3


Good stuff man. I’m right on your tail so don’t back off the gas lol


I gotta bring up that deadlift…
Im excited to see what i max out at in 5 weeks.


If you don’t think it’ll like jinx it what number do you want?


today’s training:

highbar squats
95kg 3x6

4x5 2 second pauses 87,5kg
I tried benching in flats today because i took of my knee sleeves pre bench and didnt feel like putting my squat shoes back on. Dont notice much of a difference, if any at all. My only thing was that it felt like i could get a bit more tight.

Tire flip
1x the tire
Idk gym got a tire wanted to try it out. its different… Wasn’t HARD. Need to get the technique down though.

Single leg deadlifts
3x12 with just the bar
Think ill use weight next time. The stability is still very weird, and i feel like bambi on ice.

incline dumbell press
dumbell rows
weighted crunches


well if the peek goes aswel as trainings bin going recently my dream numbers are:
200-210kg squat
115-120kg bench
200-210kg deadlift

idek, i think 200kg is gonna be there for sure. Possibly more ill see.


150kg 3x5 paused
My headphones broke on the third set, taped them together… Well see how long they hold up :slight_smile:

130kg 3x5 paused
Paused deads are the FUCKING worst. I paused them right off the floor, which sucks…

dumbell press
seated rows
lat pull downs


SBD Wireless Headphones incoming


Idd buy it


It costs your soul




had a shitty workout since i got hit in the head with a pin truck at work.
(working since i’m on vacation from school till end of august so gonna make some nice money to pay for my powerlifting clothes addiction)

182,5kg x 3
Where moving ok, but not as solid as last week.

3x3 reverse banded squats
supposed to a non banded single, but skipped it since my head was hurting. Decided the 3x3 with reverse bands would be of more benefit.

My elbow also got banged up at work, which meant i tried to bench but i didnt wanna risk re-injuring my elbow now that it’s feeling good. So i backed off.
3x90kg really solid pause.
Was supposed to do 4x5. Strength wise it was in there, but the elbow was bothering me to much.

Not gonna lie, i skipped 'em entirely. I did 60kg warmup, and my head was just to painfull so stopped doing them. Gonna do them tomorrow instead.

Shit workouts happen, Just gotta make the best of the rest of this week and hope it doesnt stay shitty.

I’m now 4 weeks out from my meet.