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Wanna Be Powerlifter



bench only today, I don’t get how anyone could train just bench and no other lifts…
80kg 10x2 <
Fairly easy, not much trouble. Using a different bench then normal, which makes setup a bit easier.
Don’t know if its better per say.
Lat pull down 3x8
tricep pushdowns.

heavy deadlift tomorrow


deadlift workout
175kg x 2 <
Life time pr, and a fairly easy double. I tried for 3 didnt have it in me… Weird.
some assistance.

Monday we’re 8 weeks out. BOYS.



Damn mate well done :slight_smile:




signed up for the meet. Good shit.
there’s a chance of me placing top 3 based on some insta stalking i’ve done :smiley:
All depends on how i, and the other perform to.
Seeing the roster made me realise how pathetic my deadlift actually is lol. Im squatting more or less the same as most of the guys, and they’re deadlifting 50+kg more. FUCK

After this meet imma do some serious deadlift fixing. If i wanna be competitive i have to increase that shit.

8 weeks out


Bin thinking about my deadlift for a bit, Iknow switching to sumo isn’t magic. But if i switch to sumo, for the upcoming 8 weeks, could that possibly give me those couple extra KG?

@guineapig (sumo prodigy ) @khangles @Vincepac1500 Some people iknow deadlift sumo well. Anyone is welcome to chime in


I’d be focusing on your bench more.


MarkNoChill lol


That’s how it was for me initially. Had a 190kg Conventional max going in and switched to sumo. 2-3 months bulk = 220kg.

Can’t say it’ll be the same for you. Why are you thinking about making the switch right now?


If i can deadlift 10-15kg more then i can now, i’ve got a good shot at top 3… My bench and squat are pretty much top 3 allready…

@MarkKO You’re totally right, My bench does need some work. But if im looking based on total my deadlift has a bigger priority atm.


Just deadlift better lol. Lower risk than changing styles I think but if you want to switch I’ll try to help as much as I can


I wouldn’t make Changes right now. But it would be good to look into after the meet.


Think long term. Your weakest lift is what will hold you back the most.


I’ll stick with Marks adwise.
for 8 weeks, work on regaining former bench form.

You just maxed out on the deadlift, I’m not sure it would be wise to keep digging deeper. Rest a couple of weeks, then a 4 or 5 week peak 1 or 2 weeks of and boom DL skyrocket.


10-15kg in two months is a big ask unless there’s some glaring technical error that gets fixed or something really clicks for you. I doubt a switch to sumo is gonna do it tho it’s possible ala guineapig tho he was gaining weight at the same time not prepping for a meet.

Both your deadlift and bench have room to improve and net you 10-15kg on your total. Bench because you were stronger at some point before and deadlift because it’s poverty. We can troubleshoot deadlift as we go for the next 8 weeks and I’d be surprised if there wasn’t at least 5-10kg in it for you.

Other than that you are just gonna have to trust the process (if you are following a program that will peak you well into comp lel).

EDIT: Post vids @ high % 1RM. How do you fail deadlifts or post vids of most recent misses.


Thanks for the advice, insight and thought everyone.
@khangles , I don’t have any recent video’s of my deadlift. Only 160kg x 6 from 2 ish months ago. I think i posted that i’ll relink it here:

No misses on video atm so can’t send that.
Ill upload the video of my most recent bench asap.


Today’s training. Peaking is starting, also different programming/coach. Tough decision, but had to be done.

4x3 @ 175kg
This was pretty hard, never done sets with this much weight.

80kg 6 x 3 (will ad the video later.)
This was pretty easy, form felt good. If i can keep this down bench is good for now. (let’s see what it does the upcoming weeks.)

Romanian deadlift 3x8
seal rows 3x8
and some facepulls 3x8

Some extra back work, WONT hurt. :slight_smile:



Definitely missing out on potential gains if you write up a program without considering how you fail or at least how you would fail at maximum loads. Every opportunity should be taken to work on your weaknesses whether technical or simply not being strong enough which I guess applies to us all to some degree.

Doesn’t look half bad. What’s good is that you are pulling the slack out of the bar and your body as a system and generating plenty of tension (tho more tension at the start is always better).

First of all I’m gonna need you to STFU at least during the movement lel. Before the lift hype, celebration at the the top with the DL locked out and post lift screaming is all good. During the lift itself it doesn’t do anything for you, probably takes away actually, and is a poor habit to get into.

Overall I’m gonna say work on consistency of technique. Take your time setting up and repeat the same set up every time. Over time work towards diluting and simplifying it down until cuing is as simple as possible and most of the movement is automatic.

Not gonna go into detail on these but some things we could look at:

  • Upper Back Tightness/Lat Engagement + keeping the bar close to your body
  • Bar Placement/Starting Position/Balance
  • Tendency towards ramping/hitching

Solution is pretty simple tho. Tempo and/or pause work will teach you the most efficient position and will magnify the effect of poor positioning. Bar getting foward/away from you? You’ll feel it. Centre of gravity/balance off during the lift? You’ll fall over. Rounded back? It’ll feel terrible.

Great learning tool and very much a Sheiko style assistance movement in that it addresses technical weaknesses by exposing them. Also good for use during warm ups as you work towards the days working weight so you don’t even have to change/add much of anything to your program.

My prescription is 3ct pause 1mm off the floor, 5ct eccentric tempo deadlifts. Form > Weight.


Absolutely hijacking these assistance moves for my next double deadlift day.


$10 bucks pls.

Srsly tho only appropriate if it addresses your weaknesses tho probably won’t do you any harm