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Wanna Be Powerlifter

I’m a wanna be powerlifter, I’ve competed once, competing again in 6 weeks.
I’m Currently running candito’s 6 week strenght program. Probally will recycle this for the rest of the year, since i really enjoy it.
It’s the right amount of volume, light lifting combined with heavy lifting!

Some stats:
18 Years old
176CM 74KG

My 1RM: (may 11th, 2017)
Squat: 122,5 KG (In comp)
Bench: 77,5KG (in comp) 85KG (in gym)
Deadlift: 140KG (in gym) 115KG (in comp)

Updated 1RM (2september 2020)
Squat: 232.5kg
Bench: 127,5kg (paused) 131kg t&ng
Deadlift: 230kg

I’ll try and include video’s of my training.


First logged work out!
Bench day.

  • -Main Sets-

  • Benchpress: 65KG-----3x3

  • High pin press: 90KG–3x6

  • -Isolation Work-

  • 3x20 Cable tricep pushdown

  • 3x20 Cable crunch

So before i did the isolation work, I felt like doeing some deadlifts!
They where feeling amazing, so i did a personal record.
140KG! 3 plates, Almost double body weight. `

-6 weeks out-

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In for the progress! You have an idea of where you want to be at for the meet?

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So in my previous meet,
I squatted 122kg, benched 77,5 and deadlift 115kg.
I Missed my 2nd and 3rd attempt on deadlift. Don’t know why, lol.
Went to 135KG wich i hit during warmup, missed it, Just tried 135kg again, Got it to knee’s Missed it.
Next time better, Right!?

I’m hoping to squat 130KG+ Bench 90kg+ and deadlift 140KG+
Anything above that will be good, but those are my “minimum 3rd attempts”
Thanks for following!

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-Squat day-

Week 3 day 2 of Candito’s program.

Warm up
Stretching/warming up with the bar. Some pull ups.

Warmup sets.

  • 60KGx 5
  • 70KGx 4
  • 80KGx 4
  • 90KGx 4
  • 100KGx 1

Final Set:

  • 110KGx 4-6

Sorry for screaming lol. That 6th rep felt insane.

Deadlift variation

  • Stiff legged deadlift 60kgx8

Program’s got you doeing deadlift’s once a week, and a variation the other day.

-Bench portion of the workout-

  • Benchpress 65kg 3x3
  • Low Pin Press 70kg-80kg 3x3

-Accesory lifts (bench/lowerbody-

    1. back raise, 3x20
    1. Cable crunch 3x12

Idk what this was, fun i guess?
Farmer walks, 10 meter, 3times.

Might do 10-15 minutes of walking on the treadmill post workout, depending on time i’ve got left.

Relaxing the knee is quite much the opposite of what leg extensions do, they place a lot of stress on the knee joint

If you want to avoid knee injuries (and grow stronger) I’d suggest you change leg extensions to leg curls or (even better) glute-ham raise


This is weird, we both just competed, both have a comp coming in soon, both are 17, both are running Canditos 6 week program. Coincidence probably. Anyway will be following.


Thanks for the tip! Ill do that instead. Read something about that on t-nation indeed. Since then i’ve bin doeing them really light since i always liked the pump feeling of them.
Ill have to go with legg curls, since my gym doesnt have Glute ham raise machine sadly.

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I’ve read some of your log! Your log is wat made me decide to actually log my training on here, since i felt everyone was so “old” (no offense…)
And then i saw you where 17 to. Made me do it haha.

You liking the candito program so far? Week 2 is absolute hell!

I haven’t actually started it yet otherwise I’ll end up finishing it 2 weeks before my meet. I’m doing some mass building stuff for 12 days then starting it.

I finish it about 4 weeks pre meet… I’ve bin thinkin what ill do, Might just recycle it, or do one cycle of wendler. And use it to peak.
in that case, Good luck on the second week, you’ll enjoy it! :wink:

Until I saw he posted a vid, I thought you had made an alt account lmao.


Why did you warm up to 135 kg but then do 115 as your opener?

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So, when i entered my openers, the meet director told me to go conservative on my 1st attempt, Wich i decided to do by going with 115KG.
In warmup we where using a thiner, really whippy bar. It was also shorter then the comp bar.
Edit: This was a womans bar. For the actual attempts, we where using a eleiko bar, Hope this is better in my next comp…

So my thought was: “If i had 120kg and it feels good, I’ll go for a PR.” When i hit 120kg, it flew up, and felt like 100kg…
So i decided to do 135kg as my last warmup. Probally a big mistake. But i learned from it for sure.
If i had gotten my 135kg deadlift, i woudl’ve placed 3rd to, lol.

Conclusion, Brain fart.

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Week 4 - Heavy Weight Acclimation day 1

Warm Up

  • Stretching/Band work.
  • Bodyweight squat, warming up back with pull ups.

Warm up sets

  • Bar-20 reps
  • 40kg x 10
  • 60kg x 5
  • 80kg x 5
  • 100kg x 2
    I usually do stretching/pull ups while doeing my warm up sets and the pre workout stretching.

Main squat sets-

Deadlift variation

  • Deficit deadlift
  • 100KG 2x6

Optional excersises:

  • Cable crunches 3x8-12
  • Split squat 3x8-12
    I’m still getting used to these. I began doeing them 2 weeks ago, to switch out for legg exstension, Now totally throwing out legg exstension and doeing this instead.

Competing on the 24th of june.

Week 4 - Heavy Weight Acclimation day 2

Warm Up
Chin ups during the warm up sets.

  • Bar x 10
  • 40kg x 5
  • 50kg x 5
  • 60kg x 5

Working sets:

  • 77KG 3x1
  • 65-68 3x3

Isolation accesory

  • Fly’s 3x20
  • Tricep pushdown 3x20


  • Face pulls 3x8
  • Bicep hammer curls 3x8

Week 4 - Heavy Weight Acclimation day 3
Benching 5 days a week, for the past 3 weeks. My bench is feeling good, But i can tell my elbows don’t like it as much.
Good that next week and the following 3 weeks, are just 2 times per week!

Warm up
50KG was on the bar, so i just did some sets with that.
together with some pulldowns.

Main sets

  • Bench 68kg x3
  • Bench 68kg x3
  • Bench 68kg x3
  • Close grip bench 50kg x12
  • Close grip bench 50kg x12
  • Close grip bench 50kg x12

** Isolation accesory**

  • Pull downs 3x20
  • tricep pushdown 3x20


  • Curls for the girls. Just a bunch of sets/reps to even out the pressing. My elbow liked these!
  • Shoulder dislocation’s.

Week 4 - Heavy Weight Acclimation day 4

Today’s my birthday! 18 years old now. I get the cool perks, of paying taxes, and legally being able to watch 18+ movies. Also i can buy beer and weed… (I’m dutch so thats why the weed thing was included.)
Won’t do those things, since i don’t like drinking, and i dislike smoking. Happy birthday to me!
My present to myself? Some heavy squats. (For me!)

Warm up:
Stretching/band work/pulldowns
Just the bar for 20 reps

  • 40KG x 5
  • 60KG x 5
  • 70KG x 5
  • 80KG x 5
  • 100KG x 1

Main sets:

  • Squats 112,5KG x 3
  • Squats 117,5KG x 2

Deadlift Warmup

  • Legg swings Both for the abductors and hamstrings.
  • 60KG x 5
  • 90KG x 5
  • 100kg x 2
  • 110kg x 1

Main Sets:

  • 125KG x 3
  • 127,5KG x 2

video of the heaviest set:

Bench portion of the workout.
Warm up with just the bar
50KG for some sets And some shoulder dislocations

Main sets:

  • Benchpress: 68KG x 3

  • Benchpress: 68KG x 3

  • Benchpress: 68KG x 3

  • Incline benchpress 40kg x 12

  • Incline benchpress 40kg x 12

  • Incline benchpress 40kg x 12

I suck at incline benchpress. I never did them until i started this program… Think if i re run this bench program, ill do shoulder press or something else instead.


  • Cable crunch 3 x 8 Super set w/ Tricep pushdown 3 x20 (this was convenient.)
  • Pec deck 3 x20
  • Split squats 3x8
  • And the obligatory 3 sets of 8 bicep curls to ease the elbow. (My elbow loves these!)

Just recently i realised, I’ll pretty soon have to find a new gym. Ill litteraly have this gym’s weight maxed out. They only have 3 sets of 20kg’ plates. Wich means, on deadlift, i now have to use smaller plates to even put on more then 140Kg.

Also, since the barbell they used for tbar rows broke, they now use one of the other barbells for that, meaning there’s only 2 propper barbells available, And on a day like this where i’m squatting, then deadlifting,then benching, etc… I’ pretty much use the barbell the entire workout… And if my brother comes with me It’s even worse!

Next week is the “test week” of this program. I have to squat 120kg x 1-4 and deadlift 132,5kg x 1-4 I’m positive i can hit 4 on both, Meaning i can increase my 1rm’s by 1,09!

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Happy birthday!


Week 4 - Heavy Weight Acclimation day 4

Tomorrow i’m gonna have a funday in the gym with my brother and a friend. They have similair strength levels, and my brother challenged him to a " bench off " So that should be fun!

Today’s training:


  • Bunch of reps with just the bar
  • shoulder dislocations general stretching of pecs/rotator cuff warm up.
  • 50kg x 5
  • 60kg 3

Main sets:
Bench press

  • 68KG x 3
  • 68KG x 3
  • 68KG x 3

Close grip bench press

  • 50KG x10
  • 50KG x10
  • 50KG x10

Isolation accesory’s

  • st fly’s 3x20 (I’m getting bored of these. Fuck 'em. Lol)
  • Tricep Pushdown 3x20


  • Chin ups: So i’m going to start doeing more of these, since its pretty bad how little i can do.
  • Anyways did 3 sets of as many reps as possible.
  • Curls for the girl’s 3x8

5 weeks out! Excited to get on the platform again!