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Wanna-Be Lifters


Here is one of the most frustrating things for me to see. Have you ever come across a person in the gym who has horrible form, but because of it can do a lot of weight? Like with the squat. Yesterday i was lifting and doing squats on my rack while there was another guy and his gym buddy on the rack next to me. I have my weight goin and he and his little friend (who are smaller than me by the way) look at me and smile as they put on more and more weight. They obviously are trying to compete with weight and they have about 60 lbs more than me on their bar, but they have horrible form.

their knees bend from 180 degrees to about 175 degrees and back up while i go to at least 90. i kept my mouth shut but gave em an "f-you" look and they skeedadled off with their strawberry flavored water. what pussies. and the worst thing is that they think they are so hardcore about it. They were yelling at each other things like "OH MAN I AM SOOOO PUMPED!!!" and "WOW MAN, HUGE LIFT!!!" They walk with their heads so high when they could probably only squat an emtpy bar properly. God damn i hate gymrat fuck-ups.


why don't you push them over mid squat? and call them a stupid f#%#ker and spit on them and run off with their pink drink?

or to put it another way,

WTF who cares what they do if they are not in your way


Don't sweat it man,
Good Form = Longevity


i think if i see them again i'll correct their form and see what happens, haha. that would be fucking hilarious.


I like to egg them on. I'll say some shit like "GOddamn, dude, you're a strong mofo. How did you get that strong? I wish I were that strong. You are a true badass. Can I train with you sometime?" Well, as the ego inflates, so do the weights, and pretty soon that brain-donor will take a much-too-heavy lift and staple himself to the floor.... and I'll laugh until I pee myself. It works, try it. If you're really big ( and I'm pretty big) it inspires blind faith in the idiot who can't believe he's so much stronger than the big gorilla-looking dude, and will attempt a new world record.
Behold Darwin, and enjoy the show.


I was squatting heavy (for me, anyway) on Monday with a friend in the gym (a resort-y place with a lot of rich fucks, unlike me) and this guy comes up to us.

He's in his mid-40's, huge chest and biceps but no back or leg development, and starts telling us that he never squats because all his football buddies (and himself included) messed up their knees squatting.

I actually laughed at him when he said this, and asked him if he wondered whether his form was the problem and not the movement itself. I asked him if he deadlifted-- nope. Same lame-ass excuse.

Then he delivers the line that killed me. He says "I coach high school football, and I tell my kids they aren't allowed to squat. If they do, I'll kick them off the team."

I was too stunned to speak. I just got back under the bar, knocked out a triple, and ignored him. What a chump, eh?


Ask him what their record was last year. See if he makes the connection.


In all honestly I know what you are saying, but I don't think there is a reason to be bothered by it.

You said you are bigger than them, right?

If that is the case you don't have to say anything. Let your form and your size do the talking. Hopefully, you are there for yourself, and if that is the case FUCK everyone else, and focus on doing what you do.

You should only be able to notice someone long enough for it to bother you if you are doing cardio.


Rig a jump-stretch band across the rack and shoot 2.5 and 5 lb. plates at them. If that don't learn em' they just ain't teachable.


Instead of getting pissed at them, try helping them with form. Have them drop the weight down and get a better form. Then they should realize the difficulty with correcet form. I was the same way when I started lifting too. I didn't scream out "I am soo pumped and act" act all jackked or anything. I could not really understand why the bigger guy was lifting less than me. They are really showing off to each other rather than trying to get gains.

One day I had a guy HUGE come over to me and correct me. It was very much appreciated. And then I was like "damn, these big mofos aren't pricks like I thought" "these guys are freakin cool".

If this would not have happened, I probably would not be in the GYM today. If they act like punks when you try to help them, Just say something like You are not going to get anywhere like that. Or just push them over. More than likely though, they will take your advice.


there i was doing some squats bout 90 kg nothing big but big for me and these little dweebs were looking at me they f*#kn you heard it before so ill leave it at that


Fuck em. What difference does it make?

If you have to say something say, "Wow. That's a lot of weight. I may try that after I finish squatting. Do you ever squat, or do you just do those little knee bends?"


Maybe you guys are all new to lifting or not experienced with lifting at commercial gyms, but what he is describing is called a "partial squat" and it is a pretty popular movement where I workout (Bally's Fitness.) Due to the position of the body in this lift you can really load a lot of weight on the bar.

Next to the partial bench press (where the bar is lowered to about 14 inches above the chest before being pressed back up) the partial squat is one of the more popular exercises I see performe at my gym.


My favorite are the guys who partial squat (it seriously is a 1/4 squat) wearing a weight belt. COME ON!


Oooof... That's cold. And I love it!


You sure your gym isnt just full of tards?


Thank God for my home gym and me and my training partners private gym. I never have to set foot inside of a commercial gym again.


This is the funniest shit ever! That would be one hell of a show. Hahahha


lol, this is great...