Wanderingky's Training Log

I’m starting this log to share my lifting with others. Lifting is pretty boring for me right now; my work schedule is crazy, and I’m dieting to lose body fat. I do whole body 3 days per week, sometimes just twice. I plan on filming my top sets and putting them up here for you guys to see. I look forward to logging my lifting and messaging with other people on here!

Got in the gym today. I should have the vid up soon. Here’s what I did…

chest press 2x7 with 200 lbs. on the machine.
chin ups 5x3. Chin ups were done over the course of my lifting session.
push press 2x5 with 185 lbs.
front squat 2x2 235 lbs.
squat 235 lbs. for 3
power clean 2x4 195 lbs.
pendlay rows 2x6 195 lbs.
btn press 145 lbs. for 5

My lifting volume has been pretty low. Trying to drop from about 240 lbs. down to about 220 lbs. over the next 6-8 weeks.

I apologize in advance for the poor video quality and editing…

This is lifting from the last 2 sessions. The weights I’m using now are pretty conservative; the idea is to be able to add 5 to 10 pounds to the bar each week while I’m dieting.