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Wandering Knee During Squats


So, I've noticed that my right knee sort of wanders/wiggles toward the bottom of my squat. I'm going below parallel but trying to keep my hips back.

I've read Dave Tate's (and lots of other) articles on squat form, but this knee wiggle makes me feel unstable when I'm moving heavy weights (well, heavy for me). Any ideas on how to fix this? Is it something I should worry about? Should I just get used to it?

6'2", 208lbs, male, 24 years old, no knee joint problems, weight training for 9 months.


some very strong olympic lifters have this tendancy...occasionally their knees buckle inward....

learning how to squat with your ass, hips will prevent this tho....


Push your knees out as hard as you can during both the descent and the ascent. This also takes care of the "spreading the floor" concept Dave Tate talks about.


Have you ever tried single leg or bulgarian split squats? Maybe this is just a slight imbalance you can fix with single leg work.


That's an interesting idea about the imbalance. Both my ankles pronate, so I'm always fighting weird muscle tightness in my lower legs. Since my right ankle is worse than the left-- and it's the one that wanders-- I'm wondering if there's a tightness/weakness issue.


Why not start out with single leg legpresses?


I get less inward knee buckling when I point my toes outward.


Couple of thoughts/Ideas:
Try to make sure the insoles of your feet are pressing against the floor. You really have to think about it at first. That brings the "inner thigh muscle into use"
Make sure your "inner thigh muscle" are strong. The Satourious(sp) muscle is important it wraps around the knee.


Lots of good ideas here, liked the pushing knees out, but would add trying to keep inner thigh tight at the same time, also point toes out a bit, and maybe try a wider stance.
I had the same problem and honestly it just takes time, it seems you're also tall so it is a lil harder for us tall guys going past parallel, but over time the overall posterior chain and quads will get stronger.

Just focus on some of the suggestions here and once you're able to handle more weight easier you'll find it will dissappear.


Train your inner quad adductors. Works tremendously.