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Wanda Sykes on Limbaugh



i hope his kidneys fail..lol


I thought it was pretty bellow the belt of her. the comedy of Hollywood is starting to really get under my skin. Up until now, the party that is in power, gets made fun of. for some reason the current administration is off limits. She was supposed to be making fun of Obama.

I watch Letterman a few weeks back and as an intro to his top 10 he said they couldn't come up with any good Obama material, so the top 10 was all bush jokes. Really? They "couldn't come up" with Obama material? WTF? I'm done with Letterman.

I really don't take offense to the jokes (even involving death) made about public figures, but it pisses me off that these people won't make fun of who is apparently "their" guy. I'm sorry, but it's past time for some good democrat jokes.


Limbaugh is a DICK , I would love to see some one kick his ass


I agree, that doesn't change my statement.


And when they turn around and nail their Messiah to a cross, will you have a better opinion of them?

For they will, you know?


I'm waiting for the day.


When dealing with Limbaugh, most people have to rise above his bullshit and just deal with him, similar to that one pain in the ass we all deal with at work. I think Wanda just got tired of just dealing with him and let him have it. I think Rush is a total dick and as far as I am concerned, Wanda lost her cool and I dont blame her.


Can someone provide specific instances of Rush pissing you off?



He is against me getting to sit on my ass and play x-box all day and still drawing a chcek from the govt......that bastard!


so much attention paid to terrible comedians and opium junkies.

what gives?


I think she is a good comedian , I thought it funny


I think wanting Obama to fail qualifies


Because of where it was, what she was supposed to be doing, and who endorsed it by laughing in the background.


Firs of all Wanda got the quote wrong. She thinks Rush said that he wants america to fail. Rush has never said that he wants america to fail. Rush did say that he wants Obama to fail at turning the US into a socialist country.

I personally like Rush. What's not to like? He is for capitalism, upholding the constitution, Rights of unborn children, etc....... Sure he's arrogant but who cares. His political views are right on.

I don't think wanting Obama to fail qualifies as something that should piss you off. Obamas policies will ruin this country. He wants to tax the upper class. That's a great idea during a recession where people are loosing their jobs by the thousands every day. Who do you think employs the middle class? Suprise, it's the upper class (the people who worked their asses off to get there). Taxing them could mean the difference between being able to make payroll or not.


^^^^^^^^^^^^Read the post above.


She said the Rush Limpdick wishes this (administration ) would fail


She said the Rush Limpdick wishes this (administration ) would fail


Rush did not say he hopes Obama fails at turning America into a socialist country


To be fair it sounds as possibly it could be contrued that he wanted liberalism to fail , but it appears he is more concerned about him being right than the country doing well