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WanaBFit's Total Body Transform

This is to keep myself accountable.
I am 27 years old. 28 next month.
I am 6’2 and 215 pounds(down from 257)
I’m in between 25%-30% BF.
I am eating 2600 calories a day(recently vegan for 4 years and just now switching back to meat). I realized that my science and reasoning as pretty much crap.
I have been guided to Wendler’s 5/3/1 BBB. I’m going to start my true day one on Monday so I went to the gym to get a feel for a full workout today. This is what I did.

Military Press
45 5x10 (these were hell)
Dumbbell row
45 5x10
Tricep pushdown
70 3x10
Face Pulls
60 3x10

I’m going to post my progress here 4 days a week with a monthly picture(Front, Side, Back) so that I have a view on progress just in case I start to doubt myself.

This is my road to a total body transformation and I will not quit. Thank you to everyone in the forums for the articles and advice. It’s given me a huge push in this direction.


Broke two of my toes today. It’s fine. I’ve broken all of them multiple times when I used to do competetitive tae kwon do. I’m going to take this weekend off and read more up on wendlers 5/3/1 and tune in my nutrition and possibly find a better protein than my Walmart brand(and possibly a thermogenic of some kind). I’m going to start Monday on 5/3/1 BBB but with squats as no one in my gym does legs on Monday. Will check back in monday.

Probably not necessary as your diet will do most of the work anyway. Best to leave a thermo in your toolbox just in case.

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Ok I’ll do that. My weight loss has stalled and someone on this forum told me 10cal per pound of body weight was a good calorie measure so I’m going to try that for a couple weeks and watch the scale and my energy. Should be about 2100-2200 a day. If I feel weak or lethargic I’m going to bump back up. Also going to lower my carbs. After I eat a meal with more carbs I’m so tired. Without carbs or significantly less carbs I feel fine but satiated.

Hell no it isn’t! You need room to move down. Go to 2500/day. When that stops working, go to 2400, etc. If you go to 2100 when you stall you’ll have no where to go. Plus it will SUCK, while up to 2300 or so is liveable.


Alright will do. Excited for my first true day of BBB Monday!

Markko is right. You’ve got a limited amount of tricks, use them wisely and slowly. Start at 2500, once you stall adjust cardio, macros, training volume, etc before you drop calories another 200.

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This week has brought to light some serious issues with my nutrition. First I’m getting only around 100g of protein and way too much fat. I went to the store and bought some giant bags of mixed vegetables and some lean meats (chicken, steak, very lean pork). Also I picked up some protein powder(musclepharm combat). My goal right now is to get my protein intake up drastically and clean up my diet. My foot pain is gone so I am going to start my 5/3/1 BBB tomorrow instead of Monday.


I ate like shit yesterday but my nutrition is on point today. Had 2 eggs plus a scoop of protein for breakfast. Having 8oz steak with a cup of mixed veges and some potatoes for lunch. BBQ baked chicken with veges and potatoes for dinner. Add one more shake before bed. 2500 calories with my protein goal met.

Now onto my first day of 5/3/1 BBB.
100x5(only got 5 here… barely)
Went back to 95 for my last 5 and got 6
Military Press
40 5x10 BBB ( using fixed weight bar)
Dumbbell row
40 3x10
Tricep pushdown
70 3x10
Face Pulls
60 3x10

I greatly overestimated my TM on this.
Used 100 for new TM

I can feel my diet from yesterday slowing me down. My abs and back are both super tight from bracing on the presses and rows. Overall a very crap start from me but I got through the workout and I can’t wait to eat.

Drop your TM. You should be able to get it for at least three, preferably five. If you’re struggling at 75% it is way too high. You might also want to ditch the tricep work and superset the face pulls with the BBB sets instead.

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I’ll do that. I dropped my TM for BP. I know the others are accurate so tomorrow will be legs. I’ll try that superset but that BBB shoulders is rough haha

Squat TM 165
5x10 @ 135
Leg raises 3x10

That’s all. This destroyed me. After the deadlifts I was soaking wet with sweat. It was painful. I got through it.

On a side note. I need a new gym. At the time I can go now it’s so full you can’t move. I waited 20 minutes just for a squat rack. Every machine and bench were taken.

It’s tuesday. My first off day during my new program. My legs, shoulders, back and forearms are burning like hell. My chest feels recovered and I’m ready to kill it tomorrow. Pretty good on my nutrition. No snacking, hitting my protein everyday. Haven’t weighed but I’m not really caring what the scale says and more curious to compare my pictures in 2-3 months to my starting photos. Feeling good and ready to go forward!


Hey bud how are you handling it?
Staying committed?

Actually no. Between starting a new job and moving I’ve completely stopped going to the gym and eating well. Have to get back as soon as I get moved in. Living with a family member in between apartments.

That’s no good to hear man
I know when day to day life gets in the way it can be hard to stick with it but anything is better than nothing
I remember seeing a post somewhere on one of your threads where it went between the lines of “don’t think that if you don’t follow the program it isn’t working/ breaking shackles” etc etc
For your goals and what not, just keep an open mind
From my personal journey, doing a HIIT workout 3 times a week was very beneficial. And this was between houses and gyms only 6 months ago. I was only following the “calories in vs out” and I literally ran up 25 steps on a flight of stairs 10 times as fast as I could with 2 mins breaks between each run, for 3 months between gyms and I lost a shit tonne of fat
But anyway, hope your situation changes soon man, don’t lose hope because it’ll only benefit you and your wellbeing in the long run!
Take care