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Waltham, Mass. Gyms?


Any recommendations?


This is what I've heard so far, but I've never been to any of them so who knows:

Work Out World - Waltham
Waltham Sports Club - Waltham
Golds - Arlington


How far is Gold's Arlington from Exit 27?

Gold's is $35 for the week and WAC is $10/day flat....

WAC vs. Golds?


Depends on traffic. Like 15-20 mins normally though.

You renting a car?

Lie at WAC and say you just moved into town and want to try it out for a week. I hear they will do the free week pass thing, not 100% sure.


work out with steely and beans...I'm down!


shit sons I'm only 15 mins way


Ended up at Gold's. I checked out WAC and found it to be 'meh'. Some big dudes at the Gold's.

Let's hook up. If you prefer WAC, I'll go there for the day or whatever. Send PM.

Bass, you in, too?


I'm down for Golds.

Bass, we're shooting for Wednesday.

I'll PM youz guyz in the morning.


So, I lifted with Beans tonight.

Motherfucker just curled in the squat rack for 3 hours. After each set he'd yell "I'M IN THE FUCKIN' ZONE, BRAH!!!!"

If a big dude walked by, he'd yell "ROIDZZZZZZZZ!!!"

If a woman walked by, he'd whip his dick out and say "Hey Waffles, can ya spot me?"

This old lady was trying to stretch and he goes up to her and says, "YOU.. ME.. IN THE SMITH MACHINE.. NOW! I GOT "K.Y."!!!!


hahaha. Now that is funny.

My Bi's are super sore though.