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Walter Payton, Inspirational


Check out the Walter Payton Video I made.


Do you want a cookie?


Why not? But I would prefer a cake.

Either way I hope you enjoyed the video.


I liked it. You did good. I forgot how good that guy was and a good person, at least according to most articles.
Really good. Good job fella!!!


Barry was better.


My nephew won the Walter Payton Award. He plays football for Prairie View.


thanks OctoberGirl, I'm glad you like it.

SSC, Barry is awesome too. He's my second favorite running back. I like to watch Barry better, he's so quick, but Walter is my favorite. Walter just plowed through everybody. Both of them were great, worked really hard, and were humble as a person. I do think Barry would have beat Walter's rushing record though if he would have stayed in the NFL for a couple more years. I actually got the words I used in the video from an old Nike ad featuring Barry Sanders.

simpstr1, awesome.


Talk about fucking awkward. What does your message have to do with Walter Payton and his highlights?


BeefEater, the words came from an old Nike ad featuring Barry Sanders. I liked the words and made a video about it with Walter Payton about 3 years ago to pump me up for football games and when I work out. I've always wanted to redo it with better footage, which I did a few days ago. I think the words go good together with the footage.