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WALRUS Training Layout

Dealing with some nagging injuries so I am putting the barbell down for a few weeks. I started doing the weight vest circuits from Forever last week and I really enjoyed it. I was running a program from Tactical Barbell prior and want to keep that conditioning aspect in and just replace my barbell work with WALRUS training.

Just looking for advice or suggestions but this is what I am planning

3 days a week of WALRUS training. I also added some easy push/pull/single leg and core assiatance following the circuit. Mostly unilateral movements. After the assiatance I plan to push/pull my sled for a few trips for extra leg volume.

The other 3 days a week I plan to stick to my TB conditioning. Mostly running, kettlebells, bodyweight work.

Sundays hitting an easy 30 min airdyne.

To help with my injury I am also doing mobility work (super joints) in the mornings and hitting some stretching in the evenings. I also do the Agile 8 before any training.

Has anyone done this kind of training before? Any thoughts or suggestions?


I’ve been training Walrus style for the best part of the last 5-6 years. Did a little barbell work here and there between but every time, I reinjured a back injury from decade ago.

I have been strictly Walrus for past 2 years pretty much.

You are on right track. 2-3x a week Walrus circuits and 2-3x a week hard conditioning is my base routine.

You can do the conditioning on separate days, or I prefer 10 minutes of hard conditioning after my Walrus circuits.

Yes, mobility and stretching daily is great!

If it helps, this is what I do minimum 2x a week, sometimes 3x:

Warm up (Agile 8. 400 jump rope. Jumps 3x5.) - 5 min.
5 x Walrus circuits 30kg (65lbs vest) - 30 min.
10 x 60 yard sprints - 10 min.

Add lots of moving around, crawling, rolling, stretching, throwing, jumping, shadow boxing and fooling around with my 3 young kids daily, and that’s tons of ‘mobility’ work there daily adding up.

I recommend this style of training to all. Especially those with back injury history, or limited training time / equipment / home gym trainees.

Never before have I felt half my age and feel like I’m physically ready for anything, any time. No niggles, pains, tiredness, soreness etc.

Hope it helps.



Aaron this is immensely helpful. I am in that boat of back injury. Something seems to always creep up if I train with a barbell. For the short term I plan on sticking to the Walrus circuits for my main work.

Do you stick to the circuits from Forever or do you try to have more variations?


I have two sessions I alternate through:

A: Chin up , Dips , Squats.

B: Inverted Rows, Pushups, 1 Leg variation (lunges/split squat)

Sometimes I change up the 10 min hard conditioning at end too.
Mainly I sprint.
But in the past or bad weather, I’ve done 10 minutes of carries, sandbag complexes, heavy bag rounds, shouldering, hills and anything else that involves awesome conditioning.

Glad it’s helped.

It certainly changed my training life.

The fact that there are standards to train for keep me going.