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Walrus Challenge with Limited Vest Weight Ideas?

Hi Jim / any other Walruses,

I have been training Walrus style for majority of past 5 years on and off. Pretty much since having toddlers.

Since March, I have been limited with amount of weight in vest - have around 45lbs max but am blasting through sessions in 15-20 mins with it.

Hence my question: what would you have as a top goal for a limited 45lb vest to achieve in that 30 minute window? Or, how would you change the General Standard by dropping weight down from 88lbs to 45lbs, if you had to?

Double the required reps?
So, 25 chins, 50 pushups or dips and 50 lunges becomes 50 chins, 100 pushup or dip and 100 lunges?

Or maybe doing more exercises - doing 25 chins, 50 dips and 50 lunges then doing 50 fat man rows, 50 pushups and 50 squats?
I have tried this in a pinch, it’s like doing 2 Walrus sessions, one after the other.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Also, it was great to read your new article on the Suburban commando, Jim. The Walrus program really has changed things for me.


Why not just set your own goals/standards?

Well i guess if I have access to half the weight, 45lbs instead of 88lbs, then doubling the reps is pretty cool. I’ll try go for that.

In fact, the forever book has ten minute assistance challenges involving weighted vests and chin ups, pushups, dips.
20% of my body weight would be under the 45lbs, so I could hit those goals in the 30 min window for 3 exercises. I may try this also.

Do this:

45 lbs vest

for push / pull: Do 5x15 push ups, and 5x7 pull ups
Then move to lower/core: Do 5x20 squats and 5x10 roll outs from knees.

Should take 30 minutes to complete.


Thanks for this idea.

Hi Antiquity,

On Tuesday I did two sessions.
In the morning: 5x7 pull up, 5x15 pushup, 5x35 squat with 5x10 roll outs - 22 mins.
In the afternoon: 5x12 inverted rows, 5x11 dips, 5x20 walking lunges - 18 mins.
I wasn’t trying to beat clock or anything. Just smooth, clean, controlled, one rep at a time.

Today, I did the exact same two sessions. One am, one pm. Same times too.

I’ll continue with these every other day. I reckon around double reps is a good goal to shoot for in 30 min.

A: 5x8-10 pull ups.
5x20 push ups.

B: 5x15 inverted rows. (easier than pull ups. )
5x12-15 dips. (harder than pushups.)
5x30 walking lunges.

Will test in 4-6 weeks.

Thanks for your input, Antiquity.

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There are two simple tests you can perform, both done with the 45lb vest.

  1. “bodyweight” squat (weight vest squat) - reps are up to you but generally around 200-300 total
  2. Push-ups/Dips - 50 total reps (or more/less depending on your strength). Dips can also be done.
  3. Chins - 25 total reps or more, based on your strength

Test 2

  1. DB/KB squat whilst wearing 45lbs vest. 50 total reps. The weight is up to you and what you have access to. For example, when I started doing this I had a 70lbs KB. Thus that is what I used to test with
    2/3 - same as above.

The first test is killer for the legs/lungs. Obviously, it’s much worse with a heavier vest but it takes it’s toll. Remember that these are just TESTS - you don’t have to train like this all the time.

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Thanks Jim.

Yes, I can complete test 1 with the 45lbs vest in around 17 mins with ease.

Hence, as you mentioned, I may need to increase the reps of the 50 push and 25 pull ups, only when I test.

I’ve literally just seen an Instagram post of yours on Miller Kronk, doubling the reps on a Walrus challenge to 100 reps push ups and 50 reps pull up?

That’s awesome and an inspiration - I guess that’s my goal next time I test. Get double the standard reps for a Walrus challenge, with 45lbs vest. Kronk style.


Sorry Jim and sorry guys, I posted my questions in the other thread but I just saw this thread and I think my questions fit better in this thread. It is and was not my intention to annoy everyone because I post things a hundred times! Sorry. I hope you can help me out. Thank you

Hi Jim,

a few questions regarding your article:

Weight Vest Training (Revisiting the WALRUS)

It’s called WALRUS Training because it is the fat, gross cousin to the Navy Seals. I also refer to it as being a Suburban Commando. No lawn too big to mow!

you said, you train every other day. Sorry for that dumb question but I can´t find a translation. Every other day means you always have a day off between your walrus sessions and you stretch in between the workouts. So for example:

Mo: Walrus
Tu: Stretching
We: Walrus
Th: Stretching
Fr: Walrus

is this correct?

But what I´m most interested in is how you structure the leg training part in the walrus workouts. Do you squat every workout or Bulgarian Split squat? Or do you alternate between a squat movement and a explosive kettlebell movement like a snatch or a swing?

For example:

Mo: DB Squat, lunges or Split Squat
We: DB Squat, lunges or Split Squat
Fr: DB Squat, lunges or Split Squat


Mo: DB Squat, lunges or Split Squat
We: KB Snatch, KB Swing
Fr: DB Squat, lunges or Split Squat

Since I´m not able to train with a barbell and since you released this article and I read about this in the Forever book, I want to give this a try I think but I´m confused about the leg training part and I want to do it properly, therefore I´m asking.

Thank you very much for your help!


I’m sure you asked this at the start of the year in a thread I also posted in:

Train legs any way it doesn’t matter. I change each time. I’ve done: Split squats, Walking lunges, Bulgarian squats, Skater squats, Squat with just weight vest - Even a good mornings or hip thrusts with a vest across hips. Any leg movement. Do any reps. I have done between 5 sets of 5 reps all the way up to 50.

For me, as long as it’s a minimum of 5 rounds / sets each of any push, any pull and any leg movement, it’s all good.

I also do train one day on, one day off, you’re right, train one day, don’t train the next, and then repeat.

On my off days, I do some sort of conditioning and stretching/ movement.

I never train more than 30 mins. Average 20 mins.

Yesterday I did 5 rounds of 12 Rows from parallel bars, Dips 5 rounds of 11 and Split squats 5 rounds of 25.

Don’t overthink it. Pick any variation of movement each time you train.

Any push. Any pull. Any leg movement. Circuit style. 5 rounds. If you can do 5 x10 with just your body weight, then start adding weight vest weight slowly.

Just start.

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Also, I recommend training outdoors all year round.

No gym or equipment needed.

Or find nearest playground. Dip bars and chinning bars plenty.

just do it and see if it’s correct.

I just pick one thing and do it. I don’t have a real plan; all that matters is action in this kind of training.

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Thank you very much! I appreciate that you responded!

Thank you Marc, I will do that! I appreciate that you responded!

Last question please, with every other day he means always one day rest between each WALRUS workout, right?

If it helps, here’s what I did today (a WaLRUS-inspired workout):

Round 1 (with 45 lb weight vest):
5 rounds alternating: 12 push ups, 10 goblet squats (with 60 lb DB).

Round 2 (no weight vest)
5 rounds alternating: 6 pull ups, 10 ab roll outs.

Round 3 (no weight vest):
5 rounds of: 15 KB swings followed by a single BW move (cycled through: push ups, pull ups, HLR, squats, band pull aparts)

Total time = 42:44.

Notes: pretty tough, actually, and I had to keep a decent pace to get it done. Had planned for Round 2 to also be weighted, but decided against it based on how I felt after Round 1. I just finished Building the Monolith, and now want to do less barbell training for a bit.

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Thank you very much for your help! Yes, these examples are really helpful because overall, all this stuff is new to me because in the past I always trained with a barbell and followed proper written templates… Thanks!

Hijacking the topic so I don’t need to create another one just for this questions: what do you guys think of doing the Walrus training in a ladder style like the way Dan John recommends? Today I did 50 push ups, 25 chins and 50, 45 lb DB squats with a 25 lb weight vest in 18 minutes using a ladder of 2/3/5/10/2/3/5/10/2/3/5 reps. Last week I did the same in 21 minutes, but didn’t use ladders (just the good old 5x10). Also, today I didn’t feel as miserable, so I think I could use more weight. Is it a good thing from the Wendler Classic program point of view or should I keep doing the more traditional sets and reps?

I think this would be fine, and probably a good idea if it adds variety to keep you interested. I like the ladder method especially for olympic lift variations, like clean/press. It makes the work mentally easier.

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