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Walrus Challenge with Limited Vest Weight Ideas?

Hi Jim / any other Walruses,

I have been training Walrus style for majority of past 5 years on and off. Pretty much since having toddlers.

Since March, I have been limited with amount of weight in vest - have around 45lbs max but am blasting through sessions in 15-20 mins with it.

Hence my question: what would you have as a top goal for a limited 45lb vest to achieve in that 30 minute window? Or, how would you change the General Standard by dropping weight down from 88lbs to 45lbs, if you had to?

Double the required reps?
So, 25 chins, 50 pushups or dips and 50 lunges becomes 50 chins, 100 pushup or dip and 100 lunges?

Or maybe doing more exercises - doing 25 chins, 50 dips and 50 lunges then doing 50 fat man rows, 50 pushups and 50 squats?
I have tried this in a pinch, it’s like doing 2 Walrus sessions, one after the other.

Any ideas would be helpful.

Also, it was great to read your new article on the Suburban commando, Jim. The Walrus program really has changed things for me.


Why not just set your own goals/standards?