Walmart suppmements

I know you guys have bitched about cheap supplements before, I think the current whipping boy is Centrum, but what do you think about simple supplement from Walmart. By simple I mean vitamin C & E, and amino acids like tyrosine and carnitine. I know you get what you pay for, but I haven’t seen many high priced amino acids out there. Are these any good, or do you just shit them out like a lot of other supplements out there?

I think that for the most part, vitamins C, E, etc. can be bought generic because theres not much that can be changed, basically a vitamin is a vitamin. It’s when you get to supplements with formulas and different blends that you need to watch more closely what you buy and what brand name it is.

the member’s mark fish oil caps they sell at sams are supposed to be good quality. i haven’t looked, but they probably carry them at walmart too.