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Wall Ankle Drill SUCKS!!


Has anyone had any progress specifically with the knee to wall ankle mobility drill??

Just asking because it doesn't seem to do anything for at all.

I'v tested it a few times as well. I see how far my knee well go, moving me foot back half an inch every rep. Then when I can't get back any further, thats when I start the drill. I do ten reps. Move back half and inch until my heel lifts up and I see no progress.

Yet if I grab a pole and squat down for 30 seconds I see improvement straight away. Same thing if I get in a lunge position and just push me knee past my toes for 8 reps.

Im just asking if it has worked for anyone, because I see zero improvement for this drill. Sorry for ranting


Absolutely none of this OP computes. You have made progress in ankle mobility on your squats and lunges, yet you think they are not working??


i'm not sure.

sometimes i think there might be an aspect of 'if you do what you've always done you'll get what you've always got'. in the sense that ones body adapts to a particular exercise so what is needed is minor variation. so maybe your ankle mobility DID get better with the wall drill (you say yourself you make progress on it and can move your foot further back from the wall) and then squat / lunge drills is the minor variation for additional improvement.



other things that may help ankle mobility:

tennis or golf ball rolling the fascia under your feet. especially between midfoot and heel and underneath your arches.
tennis ball or EVA foam rolling your achilles / calf.
also the front of the shin - sometimes working on the opposing motion (in this case freeing up plantarflexion) helps free things up. a bit paradoxical... e.g., i find limits to the femur external rotation i can achieve... until i progress a bit on femur internal rotation... which seems to free the body up to give me a bit more external rotation.



Im saying the wall ankle drill sucks. It doesn't work, yet I'v been told its the best ankle mobility drill to do.

Im making progress using the other methods I have seen or come up with. If I wake up in the morning and try the wall ankle drill it wont do anything.


Two things for you.

Go to mobilitywod.com and have fun...

Second, look into strassburg socks. I don't have any experience with them but the concept makes sense.


Well the thing about mobility exercises is that you can "outgrow" them so to speak. It sounds like you have sufficient enough ankle mobility now that this particular exercise is no longer needed. You should reach a point where you get nothing out of a particular drill anymore. This is a good thing and means ankle mobility is no longer a pressing issue for you.

All that being said, for those with very limited ROM with ankle dorsiflexion it is an excellent exercise and the title of this thread is highly misleading to them. It'd be like me saying push ups suck because when I do a set of 10 I don't feel it anymore. Just like exercises, training volume, training intensity, etc...mobility movements are things you PROGRESS on...and yes, you are progressing.

So to say it doesn't work, and anyone who says it's the "best" are both ignorant, as its usefulness, as always, depends on the limitations of the individual.


Well I saw no progress even when I first started. This might sound weird but I always marked how far back my ankle got, and doing this alone didn't work. Even for friends. Loaded mobility for the ankle seems better anyway.

Sorry if this thread annoyed you but its just this drill never seemed to work, even for friends.


Like I said, ankle mobility is not an issue for everyone. If you had sufficient mobility to start off with, you wouldn't progress on it. Same for your friends.


you may not progress with it, but doesn't mean its not important to keep in your warmup


The "trick" is not letting your arch collapse



i used to do the wall mobility drills and things got a bit better because of them but then i didn't seem to progress anymore.
progressed some more with rolling out under my feet, my calves, the front of my shins but then i didn't seem to progress anymore.
then progressed some more with holding an oly bar out front and using it to help pull me down into a squat (shoving knees forward as hard as i could) but then i didn't seem to progress anymore.
then rediscovered wall mobility drills and got some more out of that lolz.

when you stop progressing then fiddle around till you find something that gets you some progress. then when progress stops you need to find something new. but don't forget about the something old, too. sometimes revisiting drills helps a lot.

i need to experiment with my arch now... thanks for that.