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Walkouts For Hypertrophy

In TC’s “Cant prove it” article, he mentioned that he beleives that ‘heavy and repeated spinal loading will make the body grow like nothing else.’

Would just getting in a rack, setting the safety pins at about chest height, loading a shitload of plates on each end, and unracking the bar and just standing there with 500 lbs on your back cause a great release of growth horomone?

Has anyone (TC included) ever tried this or something like this for hypertrophy?

Probably not. To incur G.H release you typically need to perform a high volume of work in a short period of time (training density). Therefore intensity / effort methods such as supersets, compound sets, Tri + giant sets, various drop sets and extended sets etc, etc would achieve the effect your after. G.H release is typically associated with bodybuilding / high intensity muscular endurance training.

Testosterone responses are typically observed with hard heavy low volume training (strength training).

Heavy frequent spinal loading could result in greater core strength (stabilizaton), possibly testosterone release and neural potentiation

It would for sure get you used to the loads and yes sopinal load you and make your body get damn tough mainly id say in the core etc. to stabilize that load I wouldnt expect to get freaky big just from them but they will help make you well dense and able to control big load as well as get the CNS and such used to hold Tonnage


I believe what you are referring to is known as a ‘supramaximal hold’. It is a technique that certainly has its advocates. Primarily, as Phil stated, because it allows the CNS to become accustomed to heavy loads in preparation for you actually using them as a 1RM at a later date.

Here are some articles:

(Here Dave Tate refers to the technique as ‘The Maximal Isometric Method’)