Walkout Back Pain

Hey TNation.

Today I got myself back to loading up 405 on the box squat and noticed the movement feels pretty good, but as soon as I unrack the weight and walk it back, my spine hurts. I’ve had L5/S1 issues in the past already, but I find it interesting that the movement feels alright except the walkout is really uncomfortable. I’m not sure if there’s simply a postural technique I’m not using on the unrack, but that severe lumbar extension just hurts.

Any thoughts from the stronger or more beat-up guys out there?

Appreciate it, guys.

I would suggest a really, patient controlled walkout. Obviously people will recommend a monolift, but I doubt you have one available. I’m not sure how you walkout, but I would recommend the 3 step system.

Pick up weight, let it settle fully.
Take 1 step back.
Other foot back into position.
First foot out into position.

For you, I would say after each step, let the bar settle. Keel the steps small, controlled, and deliberate. Avoid torso rotation as that often kills the back. Unrack with a big chest and good tension in the back for bar stability.

Posting a video could help.

its probably because every time you walk it out your shifting that 405 onto one leg…thats a lot on the spine esp. with issues…

All the shoulder retraction and back tightening and lat pulling and all that in my setup makes my low back want to over-extend which obviously feels terrible when I put weigh on it. Working on my abs seems to be helping.

Justa thought.