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Walking With Toes Pointed Out


Hi friends,

Today it was noted to me that I walk with my toes pointed out.
I beleive this has got to do something with the internal rotation of my hips??

What stretches/rehab exercises do I need to do to stop walking like a duck?



all of my martial arts mentors preach walking with your toes pointed straight ahead... so I do


I started doing it a couple of months back; now my pronation is all over the place and my knees are shot. I've tried foam rolling, stretching, strengthening the glutes and working on hip mobility, but nothing helps. IMO, if it's not causing you any problems, why try to change it (unfortunately didn't occur to ask myself this before proceeding to do so...)


I also walk with my toes out.


Could be tight piriformis. I'd always walked with my toes pointed out until I started regular stretching and rolling (pvc pipe and lacrosse ball) of my glutes, hams, quads, piriformis, etc.