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Walking With Dinosaurs

Hey, has anyone seen this thing in person? I got invited to go this weekend at the Staples Center. Is it a waste of time? Or is it one of those catch it while you can things??

Dinosaurs are boring.

[quote]sen say wrote:
Dinosaurs are boring.[/quote]

My four year old nephew would strongly disagree with that statement.

What’s “Walking With Dinosaurs?”

Is it the code name given by the Secret Service to those who guard McCain?

[quote]sen say wrote:
Dinosaurs are boring.[/quote]

Yea, that’s what I’m thinkin. But these are moving robots that have to be at least 10 stories tall. Dinosaurs kinda suck, but robots are kinda cool.

Yeah I’ve seen it - Assuming it’s the David Attenborough series that was played in the UK.

Now that was one hell of a good program.

Dinosaurs fucking suck.

[quote]dk44 wrote:
Dinosaurs fucking suck. [/quote]

Goats suck dinosaurs.

what’s with all the dino hate? must be a t-rex syndrome, guys with small arms etc.

Did you go? If so, were you bored or amazed?

You can see hundreds of walking dinosaurs in Vegas.