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Walking With Bricks?


I love doing power lifts and going as heavy as I can, but I don't want to ruin my power gains from doing major cardio, so I figured why not add weight to cardio so I actually gain muscle mass instead of loosing it, so I filled an old backback with 8 bricks and walked 3 miles, after I was done I had a full body pump from the ongoing body stabilization and my legs felt like I did a few sets of squats. What do you think of this cardio/weight workout?


I think you have invented the weighted vest. Hmmm I think you should market it under a cool name, something hip, and sci-fi like the X-men...there ya go, X-Vest.


Im thinking farmers walk or sled pulls might be a little more my style...


I heard this is the absolute best way to put on size and strength.

Or something.