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Walking w/ Weight Overhead

hey,guys,did anyone tried that exercise popularized by John Davies-walking for distance with a loaded barbell over your head?
it seems like great exercise for developing stabilizing strength and gpp.
coach davies said his advanced athletes walk up to 10 minutes on the track.
to make exercise harder they walked with big sandbags.
sounds real hard!

I do it regularly with (gasp) Kettlebells. I notice in stability. I alternate between over head, rack position and farmers.

I can’t do them anymore. Hurts my shoulder and causes pain and numbness. Must be a pinched nerve or from previous shoulder damage.

Nate, how’s your shoulder mobility over all? Do you know how to do the Halo drill w/ a KB? How about an arm bar? PM me, I have a f’d shoulder too but some these drills really help me.

these really help. i do them for warm ups because they definitely stabilize the shoulder. any time i am using my shoulders(almost always) i grab a pair of 25s or 30s and do about a two minute walk

Variations of overhead walks can be a great addition for a number of reasons. aside from general conditioning and shoulder development, I like them for mentally training myself to maintain spinal position throughout movement.

For sure great moves and mix it up like mention Dan John has a ton of variations in the Carried Away DVD the suitcase OH combo is Brutal hits the whole body in ways youd never guess.