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Walking on Inner/Outer Foot to Prevent Sprains?


There is a trainer at my gym who makes the young athletes walk a distance on the insides of their foot and then the outsides of the feet. She says that this will strengthen the ankles and help prevent ankle sprains. Is there any backing for this exercise or is it just bull?


if the same trainer is having their clients do step-ups or other silly shit like that, most likely it's bull


So you are saying step-ups are a bullshit exercise?


LoL. step-ups along with lunges are probably two of the hardest things to do especially with decent amount of weights. Yes, I said it! Anyone whos doing step-ups in their programs can probably agree that they'd rather squat than do step-ups.


Yep, f**king hate step-ups. Which does make them a staple exercise in any of my routines.


I was always instructed to do these during warm ups for track, been by various coaches. Dont know how effective it truely is, but I always got a good stretch out of it. Don't know if there are any benefits to weight training though.


quoted for truth


I do step up and drives (weight with dumbells) by alternating steping down to the right or left to work on ankle mobility and strength and it works well... so ya, I could see that being good for ankles... def couldnt hurt, and because of crappy shoe design almost all younger athletes have ankle / knee problems...


I disagree. I have used them numerous times and they are easy to learn, build strength unilaterally and work well for people who just cant seem to get their squat form right and want a decent leg exercise.


I've never witnessed an athlete who didn't benefit from Step Ups.

As far as walking on your ankles, it's often used in basketball REHAB to regain the flexibility in your ankle. At the end of the day how strong do you want your ankle to be when it's completely inverted(That's asking for an injury trying to use a muscle in that position). On an ankle thats not damaged too I think too much walking on an inverted ankle is more likely to cause an injury since your sort of teaching your ankle to land in an inverted position. HOWEVER, the flexibility may reduce the damage should you land on somebodies ankle.

To strengthen your ankles and toes run in sand. To reduce sprains keep them flexible, but don't have healthy athletes walking around in the gym on the side of theire ankles all the time.