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Walking Lunge

I’ve got a question about the walking lunge.

Aim - I’m using this exercise to improve my hamstring strength (which will improve my strength base to improve my sprinting) and also to get some hypertrophy.

Should I be using heavy weights for low reps and high sets? Or should I be using lighter weights and focus on performing a really explosive lunge, as if it were almost a plyometric/jumping exercise?

Also, i’m performing them whilst on tip-toes so that i get some calf work as well.

Before you ask or suggest, I’m also deadlifting, squatting and doing RDLs. It’s just that I quite like this exercise so want to make sure I’m doing it effectively.

Thanks for your time.

I do my lunges ‘like a body builder’ actaully (weight I can handle for 6-10 reps, 12-20 steps, at a smooth pace), and it works great for my DL and my sprinting. I change up if I take short or long strides, the long strides will totally fry your glutes, close stride will hit the quad much more.