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Walking Lunge Question

How do you guys do your walking lunges at the gym? I decided to go all out and use 185 tonite, but I have to clean and press it over my head first. How do you guys do yours?

With dumbbells. If for no other reason than the fact I wouldn’t feel like having to worry about the ends of the barbell hitting stuff as I walk around.

If I’m going to use a barbell for lunges, I stay stationary, or do a bulgarian split squat.

i just do them with a barbell out of the rack, alternating legs (not walking). but i’ve seen people walk around the track with a dumbbell on each shoulder. looks awkward to me

Walking lunges with a barbell? That seems pretty stupid to me. As Bauer said, use dumbbells. As for the dumbbells on the shoulders, wtf? Just let them hang down near your hips.

I prefer dumbbells for mobility’s sake as well.

Grab some heavy ones and kill the lunges, bud.

Barbells hanging down at my sides.

On the shoulders? I’d have to see that one…

I just figured I could use more weight with a barbell than dumbbells, since my grip would give out w/ heavy ones. Funny, I never thought that walking lunges w/ a barbell was ridiculous until now, ha ha! I really like them though.

Dumbbells hanging at side. It can also be good grip training as well. Initially, your grip may be weak, but it will catch up in strength quickly. You could always try straps. I generally hate the use of straps, because I think that there’s no point in being strong if you can’t transfer that strength through your grip into something in the everyday world. Maybe you could use straps at the end of your walking lunge workout AFTER your grip is already exhausted.

Have you tried a hook grip? This is a stronger grip for me. To do it, you wrap your thumb around the bar first, then your fingers go over the thumb. This kind of grip allows me to hold most weight a lot longer, but I still haven’t been able to hold REALLY high weight with it because it just hurts my thumb too damn much. Some people Deadlift with it and even do Olympic lifts. I couldn’t imagine doing a dynamic grip like an OL with it. I think I’d break my thumbs.

I found a link to a hook grip description:
on the left side of the page, scroll down to “hook grip” and click on it for a description and picture.

I tend to use three fingers to cover my thumb instead of two. Maybe that hurts more. I ought to try two.

Hmm I’ll give the hook grip w/ dumbbells a try, I don’t even know where my straps disappeared to. I don’t use them anyway. Thanks!

Another thought: My gym is too crowded to walk across the room with a barbell on my back. Its also a chore keeping stupid people far enough away when I’m doing dynamic lifts, like Olys. People walk right next to me like I’m doing curls or something. I’ve been right in the middle of a snatch and had someone walk behind me close enough to reach out and touch me right when I’m snatching a bar bell loaded with plates over my head! Hate to be that person if I lost it behind me.

So, if you DO have the room to do barbell lunges, be happy. I wouldn’t remove them from your program altogether in favor of dumbbells. Having that weight high up on your shoulders is great for core stabilization while lunging too. I wouldn’t drop them completely, just mix it up with dumbbells when you want to bump the weight up.

Hold the dumbbells overhead when doing the walking lunges.


[quote]TNT-CDN wrote:
Hold the dumbbells overhead when doing the walking lunges.


Good idea. Great core work there.