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Walking Away From a Fight


This weekend a guy I know got in my face and threatened to kill me.

The usual â??Iâ??ll kick your ass, come on motherfucker â?? etc. threats that come with guys running their heads started and then got elevated to â??Iâ??ll knock your ass out and cut your fucking head off while youâ??re out." I kept calm. I kept talking, defused the situation and walked away from it. What he was upset over was a misunderstanding and about thirty minutes later he came to me and half way apologized. I shook his hand and said the matter was over.

Iâ??ve been thinking a lot today about the way I reacted. Iâ??ve read enough of Musashi and Sun Tzu to realize that the way I handled the situation was the best way. Iâ??ve trained in enough martial arts to know what I did was the right thing and I know I probably could have gotten away with minimal damage if he had jumped on me, probably hurt him worse than he hurt me if Iâ??d had to.

So why is it replaying through my mind? Why do I doubt what I did? No one that was there has said I was a pussy or wimped out or anything negative. They all said they couldnâ??t believe I didnâ??t tear into him. He now looks like a complete ass in the eyes of a large number of people. Maybe itâ??s a sign that at age 37, Iâ??m finally maturing. Maybe itâ??s a sign that the temper Iâ??ve been known for is under control.

Maybe it doesnâ??t mean Iâ??m less of a man for swallowing pride and not acting like a redneck and actually more of one.


Its your age and a broken hand can fuck up your training for months. :slightly_smiling:


I am 27 and have never gotten into a fistfight. I have broken up quite afew of them but never gotten into one, no matter how much the other guy tried to goad me into it, for afew reasons.

  1. I didnt want to die. Kids today are fucking pussies and punks. I didnt want to beat some kids ass, only to have him go to the car, get his gun and kill me, or my friends.
  2. I didnt want to go to jail. PEople who have seen me when I really get worked up about something, have told me they are glad I never go into a fight, cuz the aftermath would be me in jail, and one or two guys in the morgue.
  3. Along with the pussies and punks thing, I didnt want some ass to goad me into kicking the shit out of him, then lawyer up and sue me for God knows what.

IT is rough to walk away from a fight. I replay over and over what I could have done or "should have done" in those spots.


Swallowing your pride always leaves a bitter taste in your mouth that never really goes away.

You did the right thing, even though it doesn't feel that way.


Good job. Nothing good can come from physical confrontation. People who resort to fighting do so because they are lacking elsewhere. They either:

  1. Have no chance of getting laid, so they look for a fight.


  1. Are severely lacking overall intellingence, and are just taking out frustration for their incompetence.

The best part about lifting, is when you get to that point that even severely drunk people (with beer muscles) are afraid of talking shit to you.


You clearly haven't watched "Never back down" often enough!


to add to this...I'm 37. The guy in my face was 48 and an ex convict. His 12 yr old son was also present for this little blowup as well as his wife.


^ Honestly man unless someone puts hands on my family, I walk away, cannot afford legal issues with my medical license etc. You did the right thing. Of course there are a lot of young guys on this site who will say different but they have nothing to lose.


^ precisely. while not in the medical field, I would lose my certification and thus my job if I got in a fight and charges were filed. This guys son saw him act like a complete ass, embarrass his wife, and set a fine example. My son wasn't there, was told about it when I got home and reminded that you walk away whenever possible and words form assholes really mean nothing.


couldnt agree more mallen on intelligence and fighting not going together. the dumber you are, the quicker you are to get into a fight over something stupid.

I walk away from it, it sucks at the time, but im not a kid any more. theres nothing cool about assault charges as you near 30 years old... or going to work with a black eye..


Good on you for walking away.
I imagine it would have been QUITE a different story had he laid a hand on you. But words really cause no bodily harm, although nowadays it seems kids are so damned insecure and/or constantly pumped on what they see on tv, movies, and now MMA, that they are always on the ready to prove something.

The fact that the dude was way old enough to know better, and that his young son and wife witnessed it really shows that this dude has some internal issues he needs to sort out.


This is probably replaying in your head because you really wanted to kick his ass...

You made the right choice. I know alot of people who wouldn't act the same way in that situation, including myself.



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Good job walking away. I referee youth soccer games on the weekend. I'm invited to fight every other game by some 'dad'. People are idiots. 'Men' don't fight out of anger.


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You should have smashed his ass... you only walk away from a fight if its with a girl.....


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Trying to smash someone's face in because your mad is about as cool fucking a horse. Just don't do it. In the dozen or so fights I've been in, I've always smashed first, but not until after a swing and trying to calm the guy down. It usually ended in us being good friends.


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But for real, theres nothing cool about fighting (especially when you lose) You're not a young kid so you have no business fighting.. that something young dumb kids do.

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