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Walker Wins Again


Not the greatest opponent , but the guys 48 and this is impressive.



I like Herschel, but lets remember it's not like Joe Schmo winning mma at 48, it's one of the greatest athletes ever.


it's time for strikeforce to step his competition, instead of feeding him cans.


He's got to be one of the greatest athletes ever. How ridiculous.


I bloody well bettor not have to wait another year for his next fight.


It takes longer to recover in his old age.


I recently read an article about his grandfather living to 105. And on the other side of his family both grandparents made it well into their 90's. Biologically this guy is probably no older than 35. Age is not a major factor. However, how much skill he can acquire is something to ponder. Anyone can look good if they're matched against an obviously inferior opponent. I give him much credit, but there will come a time soon where he must be tested.


Recover from what? There wasn't even a fucking fight the guy kicked him once and turtled till the reff called it.


That's a pretty good observation of the fight.


I don't know if you're being sarcastic or not but I'm just going to emphasize that he barely got touched.

I'd also like to add that Randy Couture and walker are a year apart and herschel is in at least as good shape as randy is if not better.

Maybe Herschel has more realistic expectations of himself. Maybe he's got nothing to prove. If he got beat the way Brock beat Couture I'd understand him taking a year off. But in this case, with this specific fight, I don't see waiting a YEAR as justification.