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Walk Through Power Rack for Squats


I train at home for the last 6 years , using a mid price point power rack. The rack has a floor brace on the back , that gets in the way when I unrack and rerack my squats. The lower supports get in the way with any wide stance work as well.
Two companies ( Rogue,EFS) make power racks that seem to solve that problem.
Looking for any unbiased reviews or opinions. I’ve made great progress with my current rack, and realize getting strong doesn’t require a whole lot of fancy equipment, bands, chains or specialty bars.
Thanks for some feedback


I have a discontinued 3x3 Rogue (the Fortis) I brought on closeout. The service was great, delivery reasonable, and when I callled about a very minor scratch they comped me without hesitation (they offered an exchange, but I already felt silly for complaining and just wanted to see what they’d do). I have also purchased two of their bars (the Ohio power bar and the Bella for my wife and kids), and a few other toys. I spent weeks going over comparisons with EliteFTS, and it came down to shipping cost, accessories, and delivery times (that and the closeout price I got).

I put it together with ease and drilled it into the concrete floor of my garage (I only used a single bolt on each leg rather than three each). It’s very solid. I also installed the monkey bar and rings (I’ve used the rings more and more for pull-ups to allow wrist rotation), and the dip attachment, while heavy, is solid and pretty easy to put on and take off. The only difficulty was finding wrenches big enough to fit the bolts. I now have a couple of wrenches I could kill elephants with, but they weren’t that expensive. It was a damned fine purchase and has served me well.

Edit to add: I agree that those are the two companies to choose from. I researched everything I could find before settling on those two. Basically, I doubt you’d be disappointed by either given the myriad positive reviews and positive reputations.


Thank you that’s really helpful. I bought a bunch of Elite products and have been happy, but have not gone for a new rack yet. I had thought shipping would be very comparable but will check that out.
Much appreciated.


No worries. Let us know what you end up with. I’m always curious about home gyms and like to compare notes


Will do.
I’ve made plenty of mistakes early on in purchases for my gym. Mostly buying on the cheaper side and being some disappointed with the products over time.
Power rack and adjustable bench being most notable. I’ve replaced the bench next is the rack.
Most of what I use are barbell based and I have been pleased with going upscale on bars and specialty bars for adding a mixture.
I got a great deal on DBs. I’ve added bands and chains, and really enjoy my spud rack attachment for rows.
I have a cheaper type GHR and would like to improve that after my rack.
Better to have spent a little more at the beginning, but that’s life sometimes.
Best investment I ever made was getting married once 27 years ago.