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Walk the Line


I've been waiting a while for this to movie come out and I finally get to go see it tonight. Apparently Joaquin Phoenix learned to play guitar and took singing lessons just to play this part so his voice wouldnt have to be dubbed. Is anyone else here a CASH fan and going to see this show? Looks like its gonna be good!



I love this pic.


Saw it a couple of nights ago. (My brother's the Vice President of Show Biz, so I get to see pretty much everything early and for free. Yay.)

GREAT flick. Joaquin (sp?) is phenomenal as JC and Reese is even better as June. Tons and tons of music (sung by the actors, not lip-synced like most music bio-pics), but it's really a love story that atually had me tearing up once or twice.

3 1/2 stars. (Only missed four stars because there's no nudity.)


I can't wait to see this. The Man in Black...one badass motherfucker. Looking forward to it.




What a bad ass movie! Joaquin absolutely nailed the part and Reese Witherspoon may have even topped him. Definitely award winning performances by the both of them. Shooter Jennings playing his dad was damn cool.
The details in this show were awesome. This flick was better than I had thought it would be.

Nudity would have been nice. I never thought Reese would look smokin hot playing June Carter but she was.

Record exec: "you look like you are going to a funeral"

J.R. Cash: "maybe I am"

That was awesome.
Im not one to go back to the movies to see a movie twice but I guarantee I'll be going back to see this one.



Im willing to bet you can find one on ebay. I havent seen one of these in any store.



Hell yeah, Johnny Cash all the way.

Sang Boy Named Sue last year at a karaoke bar. Good times.


I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die...


4 stars for the movie. Like any biographic movie, not %100 accurate, but the story is captured. A little long and slow. The actors did an excellent job, and I wouldn't be surprised if both Phoenix and Witherspoon win m many awards.

There was one scene when they were on tour. It was Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis, Cash and another, I can't remember if it was Buddy Holly, or maybe Roy Orbison. Could you imagine seeing that show? Do you think they knew that they were all going to become legends?


Just curious. What parts did you notice werent accurate?


movie of the year.