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Walk Outside and Find This on My Door


not sure what to think.. I don't have any children


Is it just my screen or is this printed on pink paper?

Regardless, whoever wrote it(though I skeptical it was a mother, who uses pink paper?) is obviously unbalanced. I wonder what she's really unhappy about, probably some other issue in his/her life. Gotta feel bad for the person who found it, but gotta feel even worse for the person who wrote it!

What a chore it would be, feeling like that all the time. Angry about things you can't control...


Well, I kinda can understand what she is saying. BUT she is the asshole here. As her "normal" (who can be normal with a mother like this) children wants to play, so does the other woman's "abnormal" child. It is a free world, and none of us have a right to take the freedom of another human, just because we don't like him. She should be better off educate her children on the matter, so they don't get scarred, and she could probably euthanize herself.


The answer is to collect a week's worth of piss in a bucket and feed it through a tube placed under her doorway and into her living room/hall.


If you have seen the full story, sadly this person did it anonomously and they have zero clue as to who. I actually felt ill when reading it for the first time.


Wait for four weeks, split each of the buckets into half so you have eight portions, and then throw piss under everybody's door. Show no mercy in the wake of vengeance!


Same here. Euthanize? Really?


What has Walkaway been doing so that the neighbors think he has retarded children in the house?


I think the letter was written to my mother, about me.

which is strange because I don't live with my mom :confused:


Was going to make a joke about that right at the beginning but I didn't want to be misinterpreted as offensive :frowning:


offend me?

surely you jest


Well I think we all know the one thing he HASN'T been doing....




Yeah you be trolling


Some housewives that stay inside the whole day alone, and get ignored by their husband and kids (who play computer games etc. ) get really weird thoughts in their head...


Get DNA prints and give it to the police! :smiley:


This has been all over my facebook page for the past couple of days.

I'm pretty sure there is going to be an invasion of Canada shortly, led by thirtysomething to fortysomething year old soccer moms fueled by self righteous indignation, chocolate martinis and starbucks.


I'm betting on it being a hoax.


That was my initial reaction to reading it too.


....gonna play devils advocate a bit

The writer does raise a good point. If her kid is disrupting the neighborhood should the neighborhood not have the right to peace and quiet?

If this was an healthy kid we would expect the parent to shape up and make sure your kid is not bothering people. Should there be an allowance for special needs children to create disturbances to other people in the area. Going to add a bit of other lines of thinking to this, how do you sell a home when this child is making noises like that? You have to wonder if you would loose money on your house due to regular disturbances when trying to show it.

I am not supporting the other points in the letter but you have to wonder if her home is the right place for a child with special needs. Maybe the parent is not doing a good enough job.

Just something that crossed my mind.