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I am new (at 47) to powerlifting. I have a question reguarding walking my squat out. Yesterday I squated 425 for 2, missed 445. The hardest part for me is walking out, and getting set, getting my feet wide enough.


Train them. Learn how to get under the bar, lift off, take a breath, and then do three steps to get into position: step straight back, side, side. Be as efficient as possible. Dancing your feet around wastes energy. I train walkouts with weights heavier than I am going to squat to prepare my CNS for the shock. Liftoff, walk it back, stand for a five-second count, and then walk it back in. Good luck.


I will work on the three step thing. Straight back...side...side. I do dance around, trying to get my stance wide.




My gym has two monolifts, but lifting in the USAPL, I have to walk it out, AND BACK IN!


I, too, compete USAPL. I've been considering doing a meet in another fed just to try a monolift. I squat wide stance and suck at walkouts (I call them stumble-outs). But practice has helped with this.


Start with your feet as close to squat stance as possible. Then when you walk out, don't go far. You dont have to be in the middle of the rack. Just far enough back to clear the pins. As said earlier, 3 steps.



I have been un-racking the bar with a narrow stance. I was having trouble un-racking with my stance wide. I think working the walk out with heavier weights, after my reg w/o is needed.


I've had trouble with the walkout a few times. It could be weak abs, weak calves, or even the shoes you're wearing?


Looks like we squat about the same. I hit 415 for 2 the other day. I'm hoping for 450 next month. I di a walkout with 500 and help it for a good 5-10 sec. that shit felt heavy! but when I went back down it felt a lot better. I also squat pretty narrow. A wide stance is harder to get set in when you are walking out the wieght. Do you lift raw or geared?



Do using walk outs actually help you guys (the people that actually use them)? No matter how well prepared I am, heavy is always heavy in a meet.


Put the safeties on the squat rack right under shoulder height and put about 110-120% of your 1RM on the bar. walk off, and hold for 5 sec then put it back. try them out, that's the only way you'll know if they work for you.



Yes, heavy is always heavy in a meet. But I usually walk out more than my first attempt as my last warmup. Also, walkouts help me be more confident with foot placement. I used to really dance but have finally broken myself of that.


Reading this is making me very, very happy that I don' have to worry about walking out squats. I almost forget how much of a hassle it is.


I spend about a good 15-20min every time I squat, rehearsing/reinforcing a proper walk out, so it should be automatic when I get to heavier weights.


Thanks for the great info on here. Tom...I squat with gear. I am 165# and have squatted 445 with a TITAN Centurion. A size 38. Sat I tried. Super Centurion size 36. While the 425 for a double felt good. I think I was just beat by the time I tried the 445. So my plan is step up my calf and ab work....and work the walk out heavy.


I am a Raw squatter. So my guess is that the carryover the gear is giving you makes it hard to move around with so much extra weight. I dont know man, I have never used gear (either kind. lol) so I cant help you out as far as that goes. I want to try a squat suit out just to see what it's like... so I figured I would try briefs first... yeah... dont but the Inzer HD groove briefs... that's all I have to say about that. Good luck to you, let me know if the walkouts help!


I squat high bar and typically find if I don't squat heavy for awhile my shoulders aren't ready for heavier weights. And I can tell at set up if the weight doesn't feel good on my shoulders the rep won't go well

So I like to do heavy walkouts just to keep my shoulders and back used to the feeling of heavy weight.


if you have trouble walking out with a wide stance... could it be that you also have a very low bar position and perhaps could profit from setting the pins lower (so you don't have to stand up as far to unrack the bar, if that makes sense). i had the pins one setting lower for low bar back squats compared to high bar back squats / front squats anyways.