Walgreens Cheap Test

Just wanted to put this out there because I know times are tough for many people. Last time I got my T refill at Walgreens the pharmacist used their cell phone and said “oh I think there is a coupon for this” so my price went from $99 to $42. I was like wow thank you!!! Yesterday my price went down to $21!!! I do not know if it was the coupon, or my insurance, but my Watson 10cc vial was only $21. I could not believe it. Might want to go to a Walgreens and ask them to look up coupons for you, or see if your insurance knocks the price down really low.

Anyone else experience the same thing? I have really nice pharmacists who look up coupons somewhere and add them in to the profile so they work every time. Brings my cost down for T and adex really cheap.

The coupon is called goodrx, google it and get the coupon.
goodrx will then send you a permanent card, and Walgreens will keep it on file.

It was $42 for a long time, but CVS just dropped to $21 so Walgreens matched it.

So they really must me making a killing or have been making a killing at the prices over 100 bucks all this time? If they can still sell it for $21 and make a profit? Or has the popularity increased and more folks are on T that the price went down? Either way its good news for me. That makes it cheaper than just about any supplement.

Trust me, they’re still getting there money! Just a little Saline IV bag that you’d have at the hospital can cost you around $100…even though its only around $2 to produce.

When are the HGH prices going to come down??? They are insane…

I was about to post this, but it probably has to do with this Posters experience- http://www.wired.com/wiredscience/2014/02/elizabeth-holmes-theranos/. Here are the websites crazy low blood test prices. http://www.theranos.com/test-menu

Is that $42 for 10mL of 200mg/mL or 100mg/mL?

It’s $21 for 10ml / 200mg Watson Cyp.
And, yes they are making money hand over fist…

You can buy 100g test powder from China for $100
The 10ml btl has 2g’s of test.
Think about the scale a mfg like Watson has…that 10ml btl costs them
less than $1, including the btl and label to produce.

Wow thats amazing…

Why can’t we get GH prices to come down, is that stuff cheap to make as well?

I haven’t used it, and really haven’t read any accounts of it being as wondrous
as billed. As such, I haven’t researched it, or its mfg etc.

I’m not seeing $21 on goodrx . it’s been showing $41 for the last few days. Maybe because of the local zip code I enter…

I had health issues and was on HGH for 4 years, it helped me a great deal. Financially in the past 6 months things changed so I am no longer on it and it makes a difference for me. Not for the price though, I am just worried though that I messed myself up being on it 4 years and then going cold turkey.

I never got immediate results nor some of the kind of results folks rave about, but it helped with my issues over the long haul and its more being off of it I notice a chance.

Here in Vancouver I’m paying $34 for 10 mL Pfizer Depo-T at 100mg/mL. I think it’s dirt cheap since it lasts 3 months.

goodrx is showing $42 still for my zip but it only cost $21…maybe my insurance? Who knows its a nice change from $100 just a few months ago…if it only is $1 for them wow what a profit margain

Not sure if its accurate, but just got a message that my script is now only $7…prices keep dropping making it very affordable

Picked it up was only $7 for 10cc…that makes it less than a $1 a week now. Things have changed drastically in the last 5 years. Now if only GH would start dropping in price