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Walden Farms?



The first thing i did when someone mentioned this site was to look at it, i then looked at the ingredients label of their peanut spread.

Does this stuff taste okay?

I'd use the syrups maybe, but 0 calories alfredo pasta sauce... no.


I've used:

Their ketchup - tasted horrible threw it away

BBQ Sauce - acceptable, I used it on a whole baked chicken it added some flavour.

Maple Syrup - Ok in small amounts. If you like drowning your pancakes in maple syrup then hell no.

But I would really only use these products while dieting.


I wouldn't touch this shit with someone else's 10 foot pole. It's nothing but splenda, coagulants and artificial flavors and colors. Are you that much of a sugar junkie that you can't diet without fake chocolate syrup?


Short answer, yes. If your big complaint is about the Splenda and how people shouldn't put unnatural things in their bodies, why don't you go nag the Steroid forum instead :wink: And there is artificial sweetener in probably every major protein drink on the market.

Also, I'm not on a "diet" - I eat low carb year-round. I absolutely love the Walden Farms pancake syrup on my flax/protein pancakes. I almost never eat sugar so I never buy regular pancake syrup. If the choice is between Walden Farms and never eating pancake syrup (and thus never eating pancakes) again, pass the Walden Farms pancake syrup! I like to buy the small syrup packets... same price as the bottle, and it ensures portion control. Otherwise I'd float my pancakes in syrup.

Some of the other Walden Farms products were less useful (zero carb salad dressing - meh - just buy Ranch or other choices). I can make a better homemade BBQ sauce than Walden Farms using Sweetz Free (splenda instead of molasses) plus Liquid Smoke, etc. Pancake syrup is the only thing I buy from them, but I buy it all the time. Another brand that makes good condiments: Jok & Al. Check out their Sweet Chili sauce (I make satay sauce with that, and some PB2 peanut butter). They make a plum sauce too.

By having low carb and sugar-free substitutions in my pantry, I can control my carbs without feeling like I am deprived of eating "normal" food like pancakes. This makes it easier to walk right past the donuts in the morning, and so on.


My complaint is with the total lack of nutritional benefit from these products as well as the distorting effect of "free" products on the mind set of uneducated dieters. At least when I eat chocolate or maple syrup I receive the benefit of the vitamins and minerals found in cocoa and maple sap. And yes, my protein powder has artificial sweeteners, it also has 20+ grams of protein per scooop, their calorie free pancake syrup does not.

If you're not on a "diet" then why sweat it? Is calorie free pancake syrup, i.e, a nutrient free product which substitutes splenda + coagulants for corn syrup really crucial to maintaining a low carb life style? Do you eat pancakes that often? Are they made out of wood pulp? I just don't get it. If I'm eating pancakes the 10 grams of sugar or whatever from the small amount of real maple syrup I'll use is the least of my concerns.


I've used their buttermilk ranch dressing. It was pretty much vinegar and spices, very similar to the ingredients of Frank's Red Hot which I eat a lot.

My problem with dressing in stores is you can never find anything relatively 'clean'. By clean I mean using non-franken ingredients. Most of the fats in it are hydrogenated for shelf life and if you get an oil based dressing, they use some weird oils instead of olive oil.

If I could find a 'home made' ranch dressing using real ingredients like mayo, sour cream, spices, milk, and whatever else goes into it, I would have no trouble eating it. My problem is that it the store bought kinds last for about a year, which can't be good.

In this regard, I liked the ranch dressing, but have resorted to oil and vinegar with my own herb grinds for the majority of my dressing selection.


I used them, every single one of them tasted horrible. I also wonder what IS in them if apparently theres no calories/ sugar/ carbs or anything else.

The most bearable was the BBQ sauce,

To be honest i think part of its mental, and your "looking out for the taste", id like to know what i thought if someone just served it to me without knowing.


The BBQ sauce tasted bad raw, but when I cooked with it, it added flavour. It was pretty good during a dieting phase


A quarter-cup of maple syrup (four tablespoons) has 52 grams of carbs. The Walden Farms pancake syrup packet (same size) has zero carbs. If you're trying to stay under 100 carbs a day, you're already halfway there using real maple syrup. The Walden Farms version doesn't taste like real maple syrup, it tastes like supermarket syrup like Log Cabin and other cheap brands. That's good enough for me. And yes, pancakes with no syrup at all are pretty tough to choke down, for me. Like I said, pancake syrup is really the only Walden Farm product I like, although I'm always looking for other good zero-carb substitutions.

Here's a good protein pancake recipe, I honestly can't remember where I found it online- it might be Shugart's.

Flax/Protein Pancakes

1 cup flax seed meal
1 cup vanilla whey protein
3/4 teaspoon baking soda
1 tablespoon Splenda granular (1.5 packets regular Splenda)
half-teaspoon salt (optional)
1/4 cup oat flour (optional)
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1 cup plain yogurt
2 eggs

In a mixing bowl, combine all the dry ingredients -- everything from the flax seed meal through the cinnamon -- and stir well to combine.
Spray your biggest skillet (or a griddle) with non-stick cooking spray, and put it over medium-high heat.

Whisk the yogurt and eggs into the dry ingredients, making sure there are no pockets of dry stuff left.

When your skillet is hot enough that a drop of water will skitter across the surface, it's time to cook! Scoop the batter with a 1/4 cup measure. Fry the first side until the edges look dry, then flip and cook the other side.

Serve with the topping of your choice.

Makes 12 pancakes, each with: 208 Calories; 10g Fat; 21g Protein; 11g Carbohydrate; 7g Dietary Fiber; 1 grams usable carb.

(note: I skip the 1/4 cup of oat flour, so each pancake has almost zero carbs. Using a regular large soup ladle, I get 8 pancakes from this recipe, and eat two at a time. I wrap the remainder in aluminum foil and warm them in the oven for a fast breakfast).


Its not pancake syrup. Its called Maple Syrup. And Maple Syrup is one of the healthier forms of sugar. I would use the maple syrup over that shit any day.


Congratulations, who gives a damn? This is a thread to review Walden Farms products. Why don't you go pester the guys in the Strongman forum about how you don't do any strongman events. I only eat sugar once or twice a month, and it's all the same to me- honey, agave syrup, table sugar, corn syrup, or maple syrup - it's something I usually avoid.


I've tried and like the Choc. Sauce.

I put it on my protein ice cream.

It works for me and I don't give a shit if anyone else "hates" on it.


What is your recipe for protein ice cream?


bag 1:
1cup almond milk
1 scoop choc. whey
1 T splenda
1 T cocoa powder
100% cocoa nibs
1 T vanilla

put all that in one bag.

in a larger ziplock bag put ice and 1/2C salt.

put bag 1 into bag 2 & shake for 8-10min, add waldens choc. syrup....awesome.

you can look it up on eliteFTS.com too (that's where i got it from)

i have at least 1 serving a week, it's fucking awesome.


Interesting, didn't know Testosterone was an "unnatural thing". BRB, calling doctor to get my balls chopped off.


cool will give it a try


My two cents is that whole foods are the way to go. Sure maple syrup and chocolate may be "fattening" in excessive amounts but if your going to eat sweet foods you may as well make it worth your while by enjoying something exceptionally good on occasion. And if you do that, you'll enjoy it more anyway.


Eh I tried the BBQ sauce and it was okay. Very watery and not flavorful. Decent enough to put on a chicken breast but I wasn't exactly happy eating it. I think I tried the caramel sauce once and then threw it out. Turrible


ever see sugar free "maple flavored" syrup in the grocery store?

i actually prefer it over the real kinda (an acquired taste maybe?)

anyway i like it and its all sugar alcohols which usually have about half the calories as normal carbs

1/4 cup = 15 calories

EDIT: sorry didnt even realize your post was about the peanut spread lol


Just enjoy the real stuff sparingly, or maybe use this stuff when in need during a strict phase of diet.