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Walden Farms: What's The Scoop?


Okay...I admit just a little skepticism...

They seem like GREAT products...no carbs...minimal cals...

And a number of great sounding dressings, syrups, etc...

So...what's the "catch"?

A Skeptical Lion




The dressings are good.

havent used the others


Where's the nutrition information?

And why the hell does the stuff cost $3.95 yet $7.95 to ship?! That's kind of...ridiculous.



That was another "funny" thing...

The nutrition information is on the site...but there is no way you can read it!

These seem to products that more and more of the "fitness" minded are using. (Another is the "Mrs. Dash" product line, which also seem to be pretty good products).

By posing the question to you guys, I am hoping for a more "critical" eye, especially by those who use their products.



Click on the nutritionals fact tab


In short the nutrituion info. reads ALL zeros across the board. Meaning its 5 or less.


It's made of PEOPLE!

Couldn't find the ingredients. Thats where the catch would be.


Water, vinegar, an ass load of spices and flavorings. I tried a few a long time ago and they were pretty nasty. What would you expect?


Yeah, I tried the barbecue and the shrimp cocktail sauce-they are runny and have a nasty, synthetic, almost rubber taste.