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Wal-Mart Sells Spike?


I was accompanying my fiance on one of those nothing to do at night so let's go to Walmart evenings when in between approving body lotions and shampoos I spotted Spike in the supps aisle! It was in a box of 25 capsules for 17 dollars. Also with the box was a bullet for storing two capsules to take with you on the go.

Anyone else see Spike at Walmart or anywhere else??

Also, I've heard that some Biotest products offered off the site aren't as potent. Any truth in this?


Read BTS: Tim Patterson Speaks. Tim goes into great lengths about the reasons to sell in Wal-Mart. Money!!

The products on this site are the most potent legal supplements in the world. Maybe you should "bite the bullet" and see for yourself!



More importantly, where the hell's My bullet for taking Spike on the go??

TC probably took it... the bastard


Just got my bullet with my order yesterday. It was rubber banded to the Spike bottle.


i also noticed it in Wal-Mart . They also have HOT-ROX, Fahrenheit . Prices are a little higher than on the site but without paying for shipping its pretty much the same.

But after reading TC's huge mail bag. He said its better to buy directly off the site since the money will all go to T-Nation and not to Wal-Mart, etc. Which means more research, better products and better site. Makes sense and I'm all for that.


This has been discussed before. The HOT-ROX at Wal-mart is a lower potent version, but the Spike is exactly the same as you can get directly from this site.


HOT-ROX and Spike are the same formula regardless of where they are purchased. Maximum Strength HOT-ROX is more potent than regular HOT-ROX, though.

You'll always find the lowest price on current product through T-Nation, however.


I get what you're saying, but I haven't payed for shipping in a loooong time.

I just wait until I need at least $99 worth of supplements.


Yeah I saw HOT-ROX there the other day I think it was like 2799 for like 70 caps or something like that...


As mentioned earlier, if you buy Spike, buy from T-Nation & wait till you want to get 100.00 or more to get free shipping. Also, Spike kicks ass. I tried it here a week ago, talk about being dialed in & focued (I got a few sample packs, but no bullet). IMO, thats what I plan on doing when im actually able to save up a couple hundred (get a few t-shirts, creatine, ZMA, Grow!..ect)


I just bought the 28 pack of Spike from Wal-Mart. I haven't tried it yet but I'm excited.

I plan on getting HOT-ROX and Flameout too, but I will buy them from the website.