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Wal-Mart/Nivea creatine skin care?

I was waiting in line the other night at Wal-Mart when I heard creatine in one of the ads on the speaker system. I figured it was one of their generic brands they were trying to sell. They were citing all the research, blah blah blah. Then they start talking about how it’ll improve your skin tone and appearance.??? Turns out Nivea is putting creatine into some of their facial products. Although I’m not a dermatologist, that just doesn’t seem even feasable. Topical creatine? And if so, wouldn’t it just bloat the skin up if anything? The exact opposite most women want.

Sounds pretty hoaky to me. Anybody have any comments on this?


sure it wasn’t the word ‘Ceramide’, you heard ???


Actually creatine would draw water into the skin which would give it a moist and healthy appearance, the opposite of dry and wrinkly, so I can understand this concept. However, I seriously doubt it would be able to achieve this from topical administration. That would be practically impossible, but some naive people will believe anything they are told.

Ya it was creatine I heard. I may be in artillery, but observe the rounds, not shoot them :stuck_out_tongue: Although I am surprised I still have the hearing I do after all the stuff I’ve been around. Arty fires, tracks, zipping 200 rounds through a SAW without hearing protection, going deaf for a day after being on the range all day…I’m sure some day it’ll catch up to me.