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Waking Up Very Dehydrated for Past 10 Months or So

Last summer I noticed that when I was waking up I was feeling pretty dehydrated; I chalked it up to using an air-conditioner in my room…but with the autumn and winter it hasn’t changed. I guess it’s drier outside, and maybe I breathe through my mouth when I sleep…but that’s not really new.

The past 8 weeks it was particularly brutal, I woke up a couple times in the night so dehydrated I was in physical pain and ended up violently chugging from the water jug I keep by my bed and spilling it all over.

Obviously the first thought is diabetes; I haven’t bought one of those blood-glucose test things, I’m honestly terrified of the prospect of being diabetic and almost threw up in CVS the last time I almost bought one. The thing is, I’m not groggy at all when I wake up, I’m always energetic straight out of bed, I have been my whole life. I don’t have any unexplained weight loss, my energy is fine throughout the day, I’m not peeing more than normal, etc. As soon as I drink some water in the morning I’m fine.

Any ideas? If it is my sinuses bothering me when I sleep, any ideas on how to stop it? Should I take some aspirin to reduce swelling in my sinuses?? I don’t think my kidneys are failing (I hope they’re not anyway), I’m in good shape, I’m 34, and I don’t have any health concerns outside of this.

My initial thought is to talk to your doctor.

It could be some condition that resembles dehydration or that makes you get dehydrated specifically while you sleep.

I’d say try drinking more water before you got to bed, but then you’ll probably have to wake up and pee in the middle of the night.

I’m 34 myself and noticing changes as I get older. Mostly in the department of my joints going bad from a lifetime of playing sports (not even from lifting, more from swimming, soccer, and basketball). I intend to continue with all the activity as long as I can, but now feel like I have to seriously address joint preservation while engaging in said activities.

Perhaps it’s a sign that you’re not getting enough water during the course of the day? Like, as you get older maybe you need to up your water intake?

My only other thought is that maybe there is something going on that is affecting your ability to retain water?

All just speculation, so take it for what it’s worth. I’m sure you’ve already thought of most or even all this stuff. But since noone else replied, yet. I figured why the hell not chime in, right?

Good luck with the situation and keep us updated, I’m curious.

I’m assuming you don’t drink alcohol before bed often or routinely.

Do you continue to drink water when you get home at night and right up until you go to bed? I’m 33, and sometimes I wake up feeling dehydrated as well - it’s usually, from what I’ve noticed, when I:

a.) had an alcoholic beverage or two before bed

b.) do not drink water consistently throughout the day/night.

c.) happen to have a shitty diet day (high sodium, etc.)

I’ve woken up in the middle of the night feeling dehydrated to the point I needed to chug 16oz or so - but it’s never been consistent and i can usually equate it to one of the 3 things above. If it’s been continuous I’d consult a doctor

I used to dehydrate. One time it got so bad my piss came out like snot.

I think it’s part of getting old. Drink water and wake up in the night, or be really thirsty. It’s whack.

Perhaps you have sleep apnea. With your mouth open all night, one could imagine feeling dehydrated come morning.

It can be lots of things, but high blood pressure/kidney problems can do this, as you urinate to lose excess fluid (similar to how diuretics work). If you use steroids, I’m leaning in that direction without even knowing a thing about you. Probably need to go give whole blood/double reds, too.

A check up, blood test, and urinalysis (a real one, not one from CVS) is in order.

Mrs. (Dr.) Jewbacca

Thanks for the replies everyone! I’m still going to head to a doctor at some point…but I realized I may just be a colossal idiot. I was getting dehydrated, starting when I was using my air conditioner last summer…and it kept up even after, into the autumn and winter. The heating in my apartment is forced hot air. It blows dry 0% humidity air pretty much, the humidity in my room is probably approaching desert levels. LAST winter I wasn’t bothered, probably because I ran a humidifier, but didn’t this year. So that’s the most likely cause, but I’ll still get everything checked out in case.

This is what I was thinking too