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Waking Up Starving


So I'm wondering if any of you veterans have tips to combat a ravenous appetite in the middle of the night. Basically these last few weeks i've been waking up fairly consistently in the middle of the night absolutely starving. I eat a large meal right before i go to bed too.

I was talking to my buddy, and he said that it's because i've switched my lifting style back to heavy lifts and that I'm eating a shit ton more my testosterone levels have risen. Now i don't know about all that, but i have been getting more pimples on my back and i'm hornier than usual so idk it's probably just a coincidence.

anyway before all of you say just eat something and go back to bed you whiny bitch. I already do, but i end up laying in my bed dozing on and off and getting shitty sleep so i just stay up and cook meals. the funny thing is i'm not really that tired, and feel pretty damn energetic after only about four hours of sleep.

My second question is that if i feel great is the lack of sleep hindering my potential gains? I have still managed to steadily gain weight the last two weeks fyi.


The only thing I can comment on is that this happens to me all the time too. Usually it's because I missed calories at some point during the day or didn't eat as much as I usually do. I eat a large meal before bed as well. Best thing to do is have something ready to eat quickly in the fridge to warm up or eat cold.


You could try utilizing a slower-digesting protein right before you go to sleep. Either a shake with casein protein or cottage cheese(got that from chi town) take your body longer to process, so you'll be getting nutrients throughout more of your time asleep, which could help with the appetite issue.

That being said, I'd kill to have this problem. I'm never hungry in the morning.


I drink a "12 hour timed release" protein shake before bed every night and I wake up feeling satiated. If I wake up earlier than I planned to (within 6 hours or so) I actually feel full. I definitely notice a difference if I don't have it, even if I eat a big ass meal (steak, potatoes, veggies... etc) I still don't feel as satiated throughout the night as if I'd taken that shake. Try one of those. I can pm you the one I use if you want.


Could I get that shake mix too?

In fact, it's pretty relevant to this discussion, so if you posted it in this thread more people could benefit from it.


I've found that when I eat right before bed (as I always try to do), I always, ALWAYS wake up hungry in the morning. Of course my pre-bed feedings are usually slow proteins and maybe some fats, so I'm eating for a specific reason. What I have heard several times over the years is that having a carb heavy meal before bed will induce a deeper, better sleep. What I would suggest, if bodyfat isn't an issue for you at the moment, is to maybe throw some carbs in with your evening feedings, and see if it has any effect.



yea I think some carbs might do it cause I usually eat a lean protein and avocado with veggies as dinner. then before i go to bed i eat about a cup of greek yogurt and three tablespoons of peanut butter, with a cup of milk. SO I know it's def not the calorie thing haha. thanks guys, oh and what is that 12 hour protein kbeef?


Maybe 3 scoops Metabolic Drive Muscle Formula + 1 scoop Low carb Metabolic Drive + 1-2 tablespoons peanut butter

Another potential contributing issue could be an over active CNS, but probably not. If you've been training harder than usual and aren't getting enough calories (are you dieting hard at the moment? Body fat levels very low for you?) overall, this MIGHT be the issue.

It's hard to say. What other info can you give us about your current training, nutrition, current body fat levels, etc??


You could always set an alarm to wake up at 3 AM, and keep a protein shake at the ready next to your bed. I usually try and stop drinking an hour or so before bed, or it will cause me to wake up from a deep and wonderful sleep to take a piss.


Cottage cheese followed by a tall glass of milk does the trick for me. I've also heard before that cottage cheese is a great bedtime snack. Once that fills me up I slam some milk and I'm out like a fuckin baby. Sometimes I just slam a whey protein shake but I'm usually hungry before I even fall asleep and I always end up waking up in the middle of the night to take a piss.


current training- texas method. my lifts yesterday squat 5x5 @ 290, press 5x5 @ 115 (i know it's weak), DL 5x5 @ 335.

nutrtion, very clean diet. only eat whole foods. example. morning shake has a cup in a half of oats, a cup of 2% milk, 30g isolate, glutamine, 3 tbs PB, 3 Tbs greek yogurt , one banana, while cooking 10 eggs (3 whole) and spinach. snack, fruit with some eggs, lunch is the rest of my eggs usually a little more than half and rice or potatoes, lunch lean protein with rice or potatoes and veggies,

pre and durin w.o. is bcaas and creatine, post is about half cup of white rice flour with 40g iso. post workout meal lean protein with potatoes rice etc. dinner lean protein avocado salad evoo may some ezekiel bread, and then pre bed is usually milk greek yogurt and more PB. sometimes my shake is at night, but that usually if i don't have it in the morning or my day got fucked and i missed a buncha calories.

bodyweight, 165 between 9-11%. i'm naturally pretty lean so no it's not like i'm starving myself. i eat clean and a bunch of food, which i also think helps me maintain lower bf.

if yall think i should add more calories i will, but im hitting at least 3k up to 4k.

greek yogurt is my substitute for cottage cheese since i'm lactose intolerant and the greek yogurt doesn't mess me up


Same here. Especially if the meal is large. A protein shake rarely has me waking up hungry.


are you drinking just protein or with some carb source or fats?


X3. My bedtime shake is a Heaping scoop of Grow!, a heaping tablespoon Almond Butter (probably would equal 4 or 5 measured tablespoons), about a half cup Frozen Blueberries & Whole Milk.


Might be a calorie thing depending on the size of the tablespoons of PB. Are You dipping a spoon in and pulling out 3 giant globs of peanut butter or are you measuring 3 tablespoons the way you would for a recipe? There would be a huge calorie difference between the two methods. The yogurt and milk are hardly any calories.


Same here, if i wait for a couple hours after i eat to go to bed I don't wake up hungry though.
Must me some kind of response to...something, but i'm no scientist.


No I don't measure i just have a big spoon and eat three or four gobs of pb.


i used to be hungry all the time and wake up in the middle of the night to eat aswell, always the same time ( between 2 and 3 am ) .
i switched to IF'ing about a year ago and the constant hunger and night time hunger stopped virtually over night .


What is if'ing?


I hope it's not intravenous feeding. Well... actually it might be a good idea. I'm sure someone out there is doing it.