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Waking Up Starving In the Morning

I eat pretty much right before I go to sleep (10-11pm) and wake up absolutely starving (7am).

Is it safe to assume my body is metabolism is running at a decent pace at night and that I should consume some more calories (most from protein) with my last meal? I feel like its what my body needs but not sure if that’s correct or not. occasionally at night i eat an apple, but can’t stomach an actual meal (appetite wise)

i’m 6’1 230lb (not all muscle :smiley: )


You should eat some cottage cheese, or Metabolic Drive shake right before you go to bed.

You want some sort of slow digesting protein right before you go to bed.

One tip that was recommended by Dave Barr (I think it was him) was that when you have your shake before bed loaded with slow acting proteins, to also pop a full serving of BCAA’s. When you wake up, you could down some Whey Protein Isolate and fast acting carbs (as recommended by Chris Shugart) and then have your breakfast about 20 minutes later.

when you wake up to piss in the middle of the night down a scoop of protein if you dont think it will effect your sleep

Milk is good, and it supposedly helps you sleep. Not to mention it tastes great, I can down a gallon a day. Since I started bulking, I a eat a meal of oatmeal, honey, cinnamon, peanut butter, mixed nuts, raisins, and milk right before sleeping and I still wake up hungry in the morning. But that just makes breakfast that much more satisfying.

How big or small is your last meal? I usually have a cup of cottage cheese, chocolate whey and peanut butter and not super hungry in the morning.

my last meal is usually a decent one - some sort of meat (fish, chicken, or beef) with carbs / fats (decently proportioned).

i don’t think throwing a liquid shake in with the last meal will do the trick, but drinking one at night might do it. Will try that.

thanks guys.