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Waking Up Drenched in Sweat Every Night? What Gives?


OK, so I have a cough and fever Sunday, and Monday. Monday I go to bed, and I wake up around 3 in the morning on Tuesday. I'm FAMISHED. I know what this means, fever's breaking soon and I'm going to be drenched in sweat. So I eat, go back to sleep, and sure enough, when I wake up Tuesday morning the fever is gone and my bed is so wet I can push down on the bare mattress and sweat comes out. I wash my sheets, blankets, pillows, etc.

I'm feeling somewhat better. Tuesday evening I go to sleep. I wake up Wednesday morning drenched in cold sweat again, soaking through my shirt, sheets, pillows. This pisses me off. Wednesday night, I go to sleep at 10:30. I wake up at around midnight, drenched in sweat. So whatever it is, it's happening right after I go to sleep. I figure great, I'm soaked now, and I'll probably wake up in the morning soaked too. But I don't. Thursday night same thing, I wake up Friday morning covered in cold sweat. Last night, it was awful. I woke up 3 separate times and was soaked all 3.

There is really nothing else wrong with me, the cough is 95% gone, I have my energy and appetite back. I'm not having bad dreams, I'm not sweating when I'm awake, and it?s not because I'm hot. I'm actually on the cooler side when I sleep. This is really pissing me off since it's making me cold and uncomfortable when I sleep.


Take the covers off?


You really crack me up.


Going through the change ?


post op right?


Caught the geigh?


46 and 2


You pissed yo self!


I caught that one.


Nice. Me too.


Happens even if I'm laying on a bare sheet.


night terrors.

You don't remember most of them.


"wet" dreams


Turn the AC down?


Lymphoma causes drenching night sweats.


I didn't, can someone elaborate?


Fuck I dont get it.. somebody fill me in


Nocturnal hypoglycemia possible. Or maybe a thyroid problem.


What Squiggles said.

Look up "night sweats". If the problem persists, it is definitely worth seeing a doctor about.


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