Waking Body Temps

I have the the entire list of problems everyone seems to be dealing with on this thread and Im attempting to figure it out. My waking body temp has been 98.6 for four days. Later in the day it seems to stay around 99. Any ideas? I thought maybe hypothyroidism becuase the list of symptoms seems spot on. Hypo seems to be a lower than normal body temp though.

Thyroid gland enlarged and/or lumpy?

Feel overheated or heat intolerant?

Im always over heated, I go through what I could only call hot flashes where my entire body just starts sweating. Very heat intolerant.

The only thing that confuses me about this is that I am experiencing very low energy levels. I do however sometimes get heart palipitations. It almost seems from reading that I have hypo and hyper all at the same time which I would imagine is not possible.

cortisol issues, testosterone issues, salt/electrolyte/aldosterone issues can also cause heart palpitations.

I also did the pupil test from stopthethyroidmadness.com and failed it miserably my pupils wouldnt stay contracted for more than 20 seconds then they started to quiver.

I believe that means a deficiency in Aldosterone.